Why Is My Peace Lily Not Growing? (5 Easy Fixes)

Peace Lilies are the last word low-maintenance flowering houseplant, famed for his or her lovely spathes and stylish, darkish inexperienced leaves. Though usually pitched as an easy-care houseplant, there are numerous points that can lead to your Peace Lily not rising. This text goes that can assist you work out why your Peace Lily has stopped rising and present you the best way to get your plant again on observe.

peace lily not growing

Inadequate gentle is the most typical explanation for a Peace Lily not rising. Peace Lilies want vivid, oblique gentle in order that they have sufficient power to develop. Peace Lilies additionally cease rising if they’re pressured as a result of issues reminiscent of overwatering, overfertilizing, temperature extremes, or pests.

What To Do If Your Peace Lily Is Not Rising

In the event you discover that your Peace Lily isn’t rising, the very first thing to do is verify your plant rigorously for every other indicators that it isn’t completely happy. You must take time to have a look at the rising situations, in addition to analyzing the plant rigorously for any issues.

Right here is the method I take advantage of to work out what’s inflicting the issue;

  • Take into account lighting first – Low gentle will forestall your Peace Lily from rising. Be sure to are offering vivid gentle, however keep away from extreme direct daylight, as this will injury the foliage.
  • Search for indicators of overwatering – Soggy soil could cause root rot, which can forestall your plant from rising. Brown leaf ideas, drooping regardless of moist soil, and a rotting odor coming from the soil are indicators of extreme overwatering and root rot. Be certain that your plant is in well-draining soil and a pot with drainage holes.
  • Fertilizer Issues – Making use of fertilizer too typically can injury the roots, stopping new progress. Search for white crusts on the soil floor or brown patches or tips about the leaves. Peace Lilies have low fertilizer necessities.
  • Pests – Examine your plant carefully for indicators of pests. Search for speckled yellow patches on the leaves or proof of the pests themselves. A plant that’s preventing a pest infestation won’t often produce new progress.
  • Temperature – Temperature extremes or drafts can stress your plant lots and stop it from producing new flowers or leaves. Be certain that to position your plant in a location away from drafts or temperature extremes.

It’s potential there could also be a number of small points, which collectively lead to your Peace Lily not rising. As you look at your plant and its rising situations, make small changes as wanted, as these will all doubtless assist your plant resume its progress.

Let’s now have a look at quite a few the extra frequent points in additional element to assist get your Peace Lily again on observe.


How to Grow and Care for Variegated Peace Lily 'Domino'

While Peace Lilies are sometimes marketed as low-light vegetation, they received’t thrive in uninteresting situations. They will survive and look fairly nicely in decrease gentle situations for longer than many different houseplants, however they received’t get sufficient power from the solar to develop.

Peace Lilies do greatest in vivid, oblique gentle. Because of this the sunshine needs to be as vivid as potential, with out exposing your plant to direct daylight. Here’s a fast option to verify whether or not your plant is in vivid, oblique gentle.

  • Maintain your hand up about 1 foot away from the ground or wall close to your plant.
  • Have a look at the shadow your hand casts.
  • Brilliant oblique gentle will solid a shadow with a barely hazy define.
  • Low gentle will produce a really faint shadow or none in any respect.

On the different finish of the lighting spectrum, just a little direct daylight received’t kill your plant, however extreme direct daylight can scorch the leaves and trigger a number of injury too.

Gentle adjustments relying on the time of day, season, climate, facet of your room, and the space your plant is from the window. You could want to observe your plant over time to see whether or not the lighting is ample.

Gentle depth drops massively as the space from a window will increase. Whatever the facet of your room, you may usually alter lighting for Peace Lilies by adjusting the space from the window.

I dwell in a reasonably northern latitude, and my Peace Lilies spend a lot of the yr in a northeast-facing room, sitting on the windowsill. I usually transfer them to a southwest-facing window within the winter, as the sunshine depth is admittedly fairly low for 3-4 months of the yr.

In the event you’d prefer to be taught extra, I’ve written a separate article about gentle necessities for indoor vegetation, which covers every other information you want to know.

peace lily not growing
Low gentle is the primary purpose why this Peace Lily will not be rising. Be aware the small leaves and lack of blooms.


Watering points are the second most typical explanation for a Peace Lily not rising, however are the primary explanation for a plant dying, so it is a actually vital facet of care to get proper.

Overwatering is a standard drawback with Peace Lilies and can lead to your Peace Lily not rising, and should even kill it. It’s not a lot watering too ceaselessly, however letting your Peace Lily sit in soggy, poorly aerated soil situations for a very long time. This leads to the roots struggling and dying as a result of root rot. With out wholesome roots, the remainder of the plant can’t develop, and if the issue is unhealthy sufficient, the plant might be unable to outlive.

Search for the next indicators of overwatering to find out if that is the explanation your Peace Lily will not be rising;

  • Water swimming pools on the floor of the soil after watering and takes a very long time to empty.
  • Yellowing leaves, significantly older foliage.
  • Brown tips about the leaves, typically worst on new foliage.
  • Your plant is wilting regardless of the soil being moist.
  • There’s an offensive rotting odor coming from the soil.
  • Your Peace Lily is in a pot with out drainage holes.
  • You generally overlook to empty the drip tray after watering.

In case your Peace Lily has indicators of overwatering, you’ll need to take motion to repair the issue shortly. If the state of affairs is kind of delicate, merely slicing again on watering, or repotting in higher draining soil, or a pot with extra drainage might be ample.

Shifting to a brighter location will assist the soil dry extra shortly after watering, because the plant will use extra water, and evaporation from the soil might be elevated.

If the plant is admittedly struggling, you must verify for root rot. Slide the plant out of the pot and examine the roots. If just a few roots are affected, you may prune the affected roots and repot in recent soil. You possibly can learn extra in regards to the course of in my article about figuring out, treating, and stopping root rot.

If many of the roots are affected with root rot, you’re higher off disposing of the plant and chalking this one as much as expertise. I’ve but to satisfy an indoor gardener who hasn’t misplaced at the least one plant to root rot – it’s a part of the training course of.

While overwatering causes a number of points, underwatering can even lead to your Peace Lily not rising. Peace Lilies are nice at telling you once they have to be watered, because the plant will droop fairly spectacularly as soon as the soil dries out. The hot button is to water them simply earlier than they begin to droop. Nevertheless, in case you persistently run late, and your Peace Lily wilts repeatedly by way of lack of water, it will trigger your plant stress and stop it from rising.


How to Grow and Care for Peace Lily Plants

Fertilizer issues can generally trigger a Peace Lily to cease rising, however it’s more likely to be overfertilizing moderately than underfertilizing. Most Peace Lilies can cope completely nicely with the vitamins already current within the soil, and until it has been many, a few years because it was repotted, or you’re rising yours in a really nutrient poor potting combine, then your plant doubtless received’t wrestle an excessive amount of.

Overfertilizing, alternatively, significantly with artificial fertilizer, could cause injury to the roots of the plant and lead to your Peace Lily not rising. Though vegetation want vitamins for progress, they solely want them in tiny portions, as they make most of their very own power from daylight. Excessive concentrations of fertilizer are literally poisonous and do extra hurt than good.

Including just a little compost to the potting combine when repotting can typically imply no extra fertilizer is required for Peace Lilies. Alternatively, fertilizing not more than each 2-3 months through the rising season will make certain your Peace Lily has all of the vitamins it must thrive.

I do really use artificial fertilizer, however I’m at all times cautious to dilute it to half the really helpful energy earlier than making use of. Alternatively, there are numerous good natural fertilizers that launch their vitamins slowly and are much less more likely to trigger points. You possibly can be taught extra in regards to the choices for fertilizing houseplants on this article.

In the event you assume you might have overfertilized your Peace Lily, you must flush the soil with copious portions of water to assist wash extra fertilizer out of the soil. Alternatively, you might repot your plant in new soil, though repotting may also be disturbing for a Peace Lily.


Send Spathiphyllum Peace Lily House Plant in Essex UK

Keep in mind that your Peace Lily could expertise a interval of acclimation whenever you carry it dwelling. It can have been grown in good situations within the grower’s greenhouse however will then have endured the stress of being transported to the shop, positioned on show in suboptimal situations, after which been transported to your property, the place situations will once more be totally different.

In the event you discover your Peace Lily not rising for 1-2 months after bringing it dwelling, you may take into account this pretty regular. Attempt to present situations that preserve your plant completely happy, and it’ll quickly begin producing new progress.

Transplant Shock

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Repotting is usually a disturbing course of for a plant, and it typically takes some time to your Peace Lily to start out rising once more after the method. Even worse, generally a Peace Lily can wilt spectacularly because the roots briefly shut down as a result of stress of repotting.

It’s usually greatest to repot in spring or summer time, and take a look at to not disrupt the roots unnecessarily. It is rather tempting to loosen the roots of a rootbound plant previous to inserting it in a brand new dwelling, however this typically does extra hurt than good.

peace lily not growing
Brown ideas are a clue that can assist you work out why your Peace Lily isn’t rising.

How Do I Make My Peace Lily Develop Greater?

To make your Peace Lily develop larger, present vivid oblique gentle, monitor watering wants carefully, and evenly fertilize your plant each 2-3 months. Deal with any points promptly to forestall your plant from experiencing extra stress. Keep in mind that particular person cultivars differ in dimension, with full-grown vegetation starting from 1 to 4 toes tall.

Why Is My Peace Lily Not Rising Tall?

Peace Lilies usually develop in the direction of the supply of accessible gentle. As most individuals develop Peace Lilies the place the first supply of sunshine is a window, new progress tends to unfold in the direction of the sunshine, moderately than rising straight upwards.

When Peace Lilies are grown by the producer, they usually have overhead lighting and develop upright, compact progress. You could discover your Peace Lily turning into much less upright over time as a result of change in lighting in your house.

The New Leaves Of My Peace Lily Are Smaller Than Previous Ones

If the brand new leaves of your Peace Lily are smaller than the outdated ones, it’s doubtless that your plant doesn’t have ample gentle. Persistent underwatering, or lack of vitamins within the soil can even end result within the new foliage being smaller than present foliage.

Why Is My Peace Lily Not Blooming?

The most typical explanation for a Peace Lily not blooming is inadequate gentle. Growing gentle will usually encourage elevated blooms. Keep in mind that Peace Lilies are usually handled with gibberellic acid to advertise profuse blooming previous to sale. While Peace Lilies can bloom for a lot of the yr, it’s unlikely to be as profuse as whenever you first bought your plant. You possibly can examine different the explanation why Peace Lilies fail to bloom, and the best way to repair them, on this article.

Final Phrase

I’ve tried to cowl many of the important causes of a Peace Lily not rising on this article, and hopefully, you’ve discovered it useful. In the event you’re nonetheless struggling along with your Peace Lily, I’ve written quite a few different articles about frequent issues and normal care that you can find beneath.

In the event you’d prefer to learn to preserve your houseplant thriving, and keep away from lots of the frequent issues, try my ebook, “Houseplants Made Straightforward”. It incorporates the whole lot you want to know to develop lovely houseplants and preserve them trying unbelievable yr after yr.

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