Unveiling of the Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod by Danton Arts Kustoms

And NO – we haven’t seen it all yet! Never before have we witnessed a rare Lamborghini Espada (produced between 1968 and 1978) being purchased as a hot rod. However, that is exactly what French customization and hot rod specialist Danton Arts Kustoms offers. Only 108 vehicles of the factory-internal “Tipo 1217”, named Espada, were built by Lamborghini, and one of them was irrevocably “defaced” forever. After the 350 GT/400 GT, the Islero and the Miura, the Espada represents the fourth model of this brand founded in 1963. So why not just choose one of the countless Gallardos or perhaps a Huracan?
Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod Arts Danton Arts Kustoms Tuning 9

Difficult to recognize the Espada

Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod Arts Danton Arts Kustoms Tuning 14

You might even outrun an Aventador here since there’s no SV or SVJ. You even have the big V12 if absolutely necessary. However, the base would still only have 2 seats – apparently it should definitely be 4. But enough of the baseless complaint! Because the unique Espada Hot Rod looks awesome! Even though included the chopping and severing the shell almost everything was changed on the body is somehow still recognizable the base. In particular, the tail with the protruding gills in the C-pillars is significantly less modified than the others.

self-supporting slippers 345 & 275

Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod Arts Danton Arts Kustoms Tuning 1

It was completely clear, the rear window is gone and the LED taillights are only similar to the original, but the base has not been completely changed here. It looks completely different with the side section and of course the front. Ultra-fat 19-inch and 20-inch GOVAD forged alloy wheels in red and black are fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (345 and 275) and don’t even bother to dive into a wheel arch but are, typical Hot Rods, installed freestanding. This of course guarantees a huge increase in width and therefore it is not surprising that the Espada barely fits in a normal track as shown in the video.

something Huracan Performante is also included

Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod Arts Danton Arts Kustoms Tuning 5

A set of new brakes have also been given to the project, and an original Lamborghini brake system with large perforated brake discs and black painted brake calipers ensures adequate deceleration. The front fenders, like the hood, have completely disappeared. This means that the wheels are self-contained and you can take a look at the fantastic 325 PS V12 engine with a capacity of 3.9 liters. There were also modern underbody panels with large air vents and a TriColor design in the style of the Huracan Performante and a completely new front mask was created which is somewhat reminiscent of the Aventador. However, 4 round lens headlights in the style of the Espada with eye-catching daytime running lights similar to those from BMW are installed here.

similar to the Dodge Charger from Fast & Furious 8

Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod Arts Danton Arts Kustoms Tuning 8

Incidentally, in the Dodge Ice Charger from Fast & Furious 8, the windshield is fixed with rivets and screws and divided into three parts by two longitudinal struts. There was also a violent sounding sports exhaust system, the stripped interior had spartan seats, a central speedometer and rev counter on the roof and everything was trimmed with hundreds of rivets and a lot of metal. Finally, the body has been covered with a coat of matte gray paint and thus completes the Espada in a dragstrip and zombie apocalypse look. Can you do… Gold? If we receive timely information on further changes not mentioned before, there will of course be an update for this report as always. It is best to subscribe to our feed and if there is something new, you contact immediately. We wish you a lot of fun viewing the pictures.

Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod Arts Danton Arts Kustoms Tuning 29

(Photo / s: Danton Arts Kustoms)

Ce sont les détails de la conversion:

  • Base: Lamborghini Espada (construite entre 1968 et 1978)
  • Espada Hot Rod
  • Couper et sectionner le corps
  • Arrière nettoyé, lunette arrière enlevée
  • feux arrière à DEL
  • Jantes en alliage forgé GOVAD de 19 et 20 pouces en rouge et noir
  • Pneus Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
  • nouveaux freins (système de freinage Lamborghini d’origine avec grands disques de frein perforés et étriers peints en noir)
  • ailes avant et capot enlevés
  • Panneaux de seuil avec grandes bouches d’aération et design TriColor dans le style de Huracan Performante
  • masque avant complètement nouveau
  • quatre projecteurs à lentilles rondes dans le style de l’Espada avec feux de jour
  • Pare-brise divisé en trois parties par deux jambes de force longitudinales
  • Sports système d’échappement
  • Intérieur avec sièges spartiates, look moderne, etc.
  • fini gris terne
  • Abaissement (kit de coilover spécial – plus d’informations ne sont pas disponibles)
  • éventuellement une augmentation des performances – (plus d’informations ne sont pas disponibles)

Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod Arts Danton Arts Kustoms Tuning 15

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Lamborghini Espada Hot Rod by Danton Arts Kustoms

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