The Special “Misfit” Hot-Rod: A 1963 Ford Anglia powered by a BMW

This Ford Anglia ‘Misfit’ is so cool that it won the UK leg of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour and almost became a miniature Hot Wheels sensation.

The fourth-gen Ford Anglia, released in 1959, was a pioneer for British Ford vehicles as it brought many improvements to the previous models. New American styling, a much-needed increase in power with its new Kent engine, and a four-speed manual gearbox were only some of the necessary changes that came with this generation.

If the 1963 Anglia sounds familiar, it’s because this Ford was featured in the famous Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets movie. The Ford Anglia has been a favorite for Hot-Rodders, especially the first two generations, which have been used to create many stunning Hot-Rods. However, the 1963 Ford Anglia, in particular, and its fusion with Hot-Rodding led to a truly magnificent machine.

This Ford Anglia has a lot going on under its hood, and the BMW influence is undeniable. The Misfit sports a four-cylinder M42 taken from an E30 BMW 318is. An Eaton M45 supercharger supports this unit. The BMW influence does not end here; we can also find E30’s gearbox, clutch, differential, servo, hubs, and bearing carriers.

This car’s combination of seemingly unrelated elements yields a whole that is both completely novel and quite striking. The steering rack is adapted from a Hillman Imp; the front stubs and kingpins are from a Ford Pop; the brakes are from a BMW MINI in the back and a Ford Sierra up front.

The performance of the Misfit is substantially elevated with the use of the boosted BMW four-pot running on Emerald K6 ECU, and it has a pretty roar coming out of its tailpipes. Basically, you can do anything with this Ford Anglia. You’ll have a reliable vehicle for commuting and exploring, plus a showpiece to flaunt at auto shows and other social gatherings.

It’s no wonder a car of this creative caliber also has a design matched by no other. This does not mean it’s the perfect design you could ask for, but you can’t deny its uniqueness. It’s definitely not as comfortable as you want it to be, especially if you’re closer to the physique of an NFL quarterback. There’s not much headroom, either, as you might expect from an old-timer like the Anglia. On the bright side, once you’re set, it’s so easy to access different shifts and knobs, and driving it does not feel like a hassle.

Every little detail in this car’s design seems to be in the right place, which is a testament to the designer’s dedication to making a one-off. When you get more detailed, you can see lower-mounted, slim bomber bucket seats coupled with Willans 4-point harnesses to keep the occupant securely in place.

From mount bars to door cards and pedals to mirrors, everything in this car is custom. You can even find a gear knob from Ferrari 308 GTS. The cabin of this Anglia hosts an array of SoCal dials besides a boost gauge placed externally on the nose. There are a few more components worthy of mentioning; an orange Perspex sun visor, a steering column from Ford Capri, and an antique fire extinguisher turned windscreen washer bottle.


The outside look of the Misfit may seem unconventional, and that’s one of the things that makes it special. A new chassis is now underneath the Anglia 105E’s body, and the roof has also been cut, with a distinctive split-screen front and customized windows cut. Specific designs, such as the headlights, have been kept from the original design. However, parts like the taillights have been borrowed from a 1959 Cadillac luxury car. Additionally, the Misfit uses split-rim BBS wheels, taken from a Ferrari GT race car, and also sports a classic set of pinstriped tires.

Talking about the unique and unparalleled design of the Misfit is one thing, but beating over 100 different custom cars, each with incredible design, is something else. The Misfit was one of the participants in the Hot Wheels Legends Tour. It is a competition held by the famous miniature-car-making company Hot Wheels, where custom cars go head-to-head to become immortalized as 1:64 scale die-cast toys.

The Misfit, unfortunately, did not win the entire competition, though it did win the UK round. And for the first time, the UK had a representative in the final ten. Considering the sheer creativity and ingenuity it takes to reach such an advanced stage in such a massive event, there’s no doubt that the Misfit is nothing short of incomparable.

The Misfit was even up for grabs until the 22nd of December last year, giving enthusiasts a chance to own the marvelous machine, with the final winning bid reaching $25,250, worth every penny if you ask us.

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