The Role of Lawns in Landscape Design: Creating a Beautiful and Sustainable Outdoor Space.BaoHa

Our daily life is multifaceted and unpredictable. And don’t be surprised if you wake up in the morning and realize that today is the perfect day to do something special. Why not start with the improvement of your backyard – a small piece of land next to the building, which is able to give an idea of ​​its owners long before visiting the house itself? So, if the weather outside the window is not a cause for concern, let’s create landscape design in the neighborhood of our home.

Lawns are an integral part of any landscaping project. This green coating, being a neutral background, allows you to visually expand the existing territory and give the site a stylistic completeness. As a rule, the lawn looks like a site near the house or in the garden, sown with undersized and creeping varieties of plants. Many associate the emergence of this element of landscape design with the progress and development of modern technologies, however, the history of the appearance of the first lawns should be sought in the mists of time.

Descriptions of the oldest lawns can be found in chronicles created over three thousand years ago. The first green carpets grew exclusively at the palaces of the emperors of Ancient China and Persia – ordinary people could not afford this option for transforming the area in front of the house. After some time, emerald lawns with even coverage began to decorate the territory of courtyards and gardens belonging to the ancient Greeks and Romans. And only after the XIV century, the fashion for lawns swept all the states of Europe, and then the rest of the world. It is curious that until the lawn mower was invented (references to this event date back to the 19th century), the intensity of grass growth on the lawns was regulated by grazing sheep, which trampled down a significant green cover. Around the end of the 19th century, the first lawns appeared in Russia.

This direction of landscape design performs not only a decorative function. Thanks to the lawn, a wonderful place for children’s games and family recreation appears in the yard. The grass cover contributes to the regulation of the microclimate in the backyard – the temperature difference between the air layer and the surface of the earth becomes not so sharp. In addition, the grass has phytoncidal and filtration properties, which helps to purify the air space from the accumulation of dust, gas impurities and heavy metals. For example, a 1 hectare lawn can absorb up to 60 tons of dust. The structure of the soil improves, more moisture is retained in it. Grass covers muffle excessive noise and reduce the level of surface vibration. In addition, lawn grass produces oxygen saturated with negative ions,

Due to the fact that the lawn is usually laid for more than one season, you should immediately think about its main purpose, shape and appearance. Choosing a configuration is easy. Depending on your preferences, you can break up the lawn of a classic shape – in the form of a rectangle, square, circle, or take a more complex path, giving the green cover an original outline, devoid of clear boundaries.

Given the operating conditions, the lawn to be laid can be ordinary, sports or decorative.

Ordinary grass coverings are easy to meet on any personal plot. Such lawns are distinguished by a uniform texture and monochromatic coloring, as well as a sufficiently high resistance to loads – it is quite possible to walk on them.

Sports lawns are characterized by a dense turf cover, consisting of various cereal crops that are not afraid of trampling. Such a cover is able to withstand significant intense loads, therefore, most often, it is placed in stadiums, playgrounds and in places of mass recreation of the population. This type of green cover should be provided with a good drainage system.

Decorative lawn, in comparison with other types, looks the most impressive. It is located in those areas that attract increased attention: at the main entrance to the building, in park alleys and other significant places. Walking on such a lawn is not recommended – you can only admire it.

If you want to carry out landscaping of the site as soon as possible, then there is no better option than a rolled lawn. Such coatings are grown in special conditions and delivered to the customer rolled up. After laying on a pre-prepared soil, the rolled lawn forms a dense grassy covering, which is distinguished by a juicy green color. This cover easily takes root, and is not overgrown with weeds. The main disadvantage of rolled lawn, without a doubt, is its cost.

There are situations when choosing a landscaping option for a site is very difficult. In this case, you should once again compare all the pros and cons of each of the proposed directions. The following important factors must be taken into account:

  1. the natural diversity of biological species on the site will noticeably decrease when laying out the lawn. This is not at all dangerous for small lawns, but it poses a significant threat to a large area of ​​​​sown area in the countryside.
  2. the lawn is able to acquire a flowering appearance only in conditions of good watering. If there are difficulties with irrigation, it will not be easy to achieve the desired result.
  3. natural herbs lead in terms of the amount of oxygen released into the atmosphere – lawn plantations are significantly inferior to it in this regard.
  4. herbicides used in lawn areas to control weeds adversely affect the ecological state of the soil layer.

The arrangement of the lawn is considered the most time-consuming and extremely costly stage of landscaping the territory of a suburban household. The lawn cover is the basis where all other elements of landscape design will organically fit in: decorative ponds, stone hills and antique-made ceramic vases. Without proper care, including procedures such as aeration, mulching, fertilizing, watering and mowing, the lawn instantly becomes unsightly. That is why a professional approach and knowledge of technology is so important during its operation.

Do you still have doubts? Don’t give them a chance! An excellent reward for determination will be a positive attitude caused by those dramatic changes that will soon be observed in your backyard.

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