The Camera Captured The Image Of Jason Momoa Sitting On A Harley-davidson Electric Motorbike In His Collection To Take A Selfie

Actor Jason Momoa was recently spotted taking one of the crown jewels of his motorcycle collection out for a ride – a stunning Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric bike.

Photographers captured shots of the Aquaman star gleefully riding the high-tech LiveWire bike around the streets of Los Angeles. In one fun moment, Momoa paused to pull out his phone and snap some selfies aboard his sleek electric Harley.

Momoa is well known as an avid motorcycle aficionado, with an extensive collection of rare and classic bikes. But this futuristic LiveWire model represents a new electric direction for the actor and Harley-Davidson alike.

Harley-Davidson shocked the motorcycle world in 2019 by unveiling the LiveWire – their first ever all-electric production bike. The model generated intense interest and speculation about the company’s future plans.

As a devoted Harley fan, Momoa was likely thrilled to get his hands on one of the first examples of the pioneering LiveWire. His enthusiasm was evident as he zipped through the streets on his silent electric steed.

The LiveWire represents a bold departure for the classic American motorcycle icon. With its smooth electric acceleration and high-tech onboard computers, the LiveWire feels lightyears beyond old-fashioned Harleys.

Yet LiveWires are still assembled by hand in Harley-Davidson’s American factories, upholding their reputation for quality craftsmanship. Beneath the futuristic exterior, the spirit of a Harley still resides.

With 105 horsepower and instant torque, the LiveWire can rocket from 0-60mph in just 3 seconds. This quiet power clearly appealed to Momoa, known for thrill-seeking bike stunts. The LiveWire let him speed stealthily through the city without drawing attention.

The limited production LiveWire carries a lofty price tag around $30,000. But for celebrity bike connoisseurs like Momoa, the chance to own this exclusive electric Harley is priceless.

Momoa is not alone in recognizing the LiveWire’s significance. It has drawn praise from motorcycle critics as a true game-changer.

The LiveWire represents Harley-Davidson investing heavily in electric vehicle technology. Engineering such a sophisticated electric motorcycle opens the doors to new rider demographics.

Harley hopes to attract young, environmentally conscious customers who never considered the brand before. If the LiveWire is a preview of Harleys to come, the company may succeed in evolving beyond its macho roots.

For older loyal Harley riders, the silent, futuristic LiveWire takes some getting used to. But even traditionalists admit riding it is an unforgettable experience.

Momoa’s enthusiastic reaction as he cruised around LA reaffirms the LiveWire’s smile-inducing thrill. Its effortless acceleration and high-tech features have won over even hardcore skeptics.

The LiveWire is still limited in range, traveling about 95 miles on a single charge. But as charging infrastructure expands, electric Harleys will become more practical.

Momoa’s embrace of the LiveWire reflects rising enthusiast interest in electric vehicles. As prices drop, EV bikes offer a new affordable option for commuters and casual riders.

Harley-Davidson promises additional electric models in the coming years at lower costs. Though still in its infancy, their EV program shows tremendous potential.

The LiveWire represents aturning point proving Harley-Davidson can innovate. Jason Momoa’s visible excitement while riding his example says it all.

Even after over a century, Harley can still surprise fans in new ways while staying true to their heritage. The LiveWire is a thoroughly modern motorcycle while retaining the spirit riders love.

Momoa’s ownership spotlights the LiveWire as a milestone collectible bike. As Harley-Davidson continues electrifying their lineup, his will become the first of many electrics leaving their factories.

LiveWire’s limited availability means seeing one in the real world remains rare for now. Momoa turning heads riding around LA reminds people this bike represents the future arriving today.

Thanks to riders like Momoa embracing forward-looking technology with enthusiasm, Harley-Davidson can feel confident investing in more EV models. Their innovative spirit combined with engineering excellence points to exciting times ahead.

So while the LiveWire costs more than most buyers can afford, it succeeds as a proof of concept. Momoa’s smiling test ride shows electrifying Harleys doesn’t mean sacrificing joy or performance.

When photographers captured Momoa’s gleeful selfies on the LiveWire, they documented a pivotal moment. His ride symbolized Harley-Davidson charging ahead into the electric future, with their trademark passion still in tow.

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