The ARGO Sasquatch pickup is designed to be the supreme off-road amphibian vehicle

Argo, a prominent Canadian manufacturer, is renowned for crafting exceptionally durable vehicles that are primed for conquering any terrain. Unwavering in its pursuit, Argo is now introducing the groundbreaking Sasquatch XTX, as part of a comprehensive lineup of vehicles tailored to address specific off-road needs in the commercial sector. The Sasquatch XTX is an innovative high-clearance amphibious vehicle equipped with colossal 71-inch tires and a spacious pickup bed, making it a versatile swamp navigator capable of unlimited utility.

The ARGO Sasquatch carries tools and supplies with 71-in roll-over-anything tires

We know ARGO best from its amphibious 8×8 ATV/UTV lineup – versatile boat tubs with eight driven wheels and space for hauling – but more recently, the company also added the Centaur XT, a commercial crew-carrying strong box jacked up on 71-in tubeless tires.

The Centaur XT may remind you a lot of the internet-famous Sherp ATV, and that’s because it’s an evolution thereof. In 2021, Argo began offering the co-branded Argo Sherp Pro and Pro XT, which evolved into the Centaur XT a year later.

Sherp builds the Centaur XT to Argo’s specifications before shipping it to Ontario, where Argo adds its own modifications and completes final assembly.

ARGO Sasquatch pickup aims to be king of amphibious off-road vehicles

The ARGO Centaur XT motors over ice that would sink other all-terrain vehicles

With the new Sasquatch, Argo releases its own massive, bloated-tire amphibious swamp monster, this time with a pickup-style “FlexBox.” The company points out that, unlike the Centaur series, the Sasquatch has been designed and engineered in-house and is fully manufactured in North America.

The all-new ARGO Sasquatch XTX is Canadian-engineered for industries like oil and gas, forestry and utilities

The 13-foot-long (4-m) Sasquatch looks to be gunning straight at the Fat Truck just across provincial lines in Quebec. And we can just imagine the Fat Truck driver’s embarrassment when he rolls up to the intersection of bog and deadfall on his 65-in tires thinking he’s king of the backwoods, only to get blown out of the muck by the XTX and its massive 71-inchers. Rough day in the mire.

More specifically, the Sasquatch rides on all-new Argo XT328 tires that have been extreme-tested for maximum climbing, swimming and all-around off-road performance. ARGO explains that the unique cupped-to-flat tread pattern delivers improved water propulsion, sidehill grip and go-anywhere traction – basically the secret sauce for this kind of slow-rolling amphibian.

ARGO Sasquatch pickup aims to be king of amphibious off-road vehicles
The ARGO Sasquatch will launch this fall

Driving that newly developed, patent-pending rubber is a Doosan 1.8-L three-cylinder turbo-diesel mated to an HDT e-Steer automatic transmission from ARGO’s parent company ODG. The pairing uses the company’s Instant Torque Drive System to deliver the heaps of low-end torque a driver will need when slogging through variable terrain. A power steer-by-wire system delivers familiar wheel control and a zero-turn mode that sees the outside wheels drive forward while the inside wheels go in reverse to allow the Sasquatch to turn in place.

The Sasquatch can reach speeds up to 25 mph (40 km/h) on land and 4 mph (6 km/h) in water. It stands 9.4 feet (3 m) tall and has 26 inches (660 mm) of ground clearance, offering the ability to climb and descend slopes up to 35 degrees and traverse sidehills up to 30 degrees.

Out back, the Sasquatch carries up to 57.5 cubic feet (1.6 cu m) of materials and equipment atop ARGO’s FlexBox bed. The box is built to carry heavy-duty equipment and features a swing-out tailgate, fold-down access ladder, sealed floor with two drain plugs, and tie-downs. A lockable side storage box offers 3.8-cu ft (108 L) of secure storage, and a 2,800-lumen LED light makes it easy to find things quickly in the dark.

As for people-carrying capacity, ARGO partnered with cab fabrications company Custom Products on its glassy four-person cab. Windows around all four sides deliver enhanced visibility while filtering out UV light. Each of the seats has a three-point belt, and an emergency transparent roof hatch sits overhead in case things go sideways.

ARGO Sasquatch pickup aims to be king of amphibious off-road vehicles
The Sasquatch’s 12-in color touchscreen provides a host of readings and controls

In addition to displaying the usual vehicle info, the ‘Squatch’s 12-in color touchscreen features an inclinometer and controls for the tire inflation system. One-touch tire settings automatically inflate or deflate all tires for terrain options like mud, snow and water. Other interior mod cons include a climate control system, Bluetooth audio system with overhead speakers, and rear camera view.

The Sasquatch is part of ARGO’s commercial vehicle lineup, designed more for hauling crews and gear to remote work camps than for muddin’ and hollerin’ through Canada’s deepest, wettest wilds (though we hope the latter will feature on YouTube sometime in the not-distant future). The company has not yet disclosed pricing information but plans to release more information as it moves closer to the model’s Fall 2023 launch.

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