Stephen Curry Receives Shocking News from Parents Ahead of Upcoming Season

Over six months ago, Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors bested the Boston Celtics to become the 2022 NBA champions. In what went down as a thriller Finals series, Curry made his mark in the annals of history and climbed the All-time rankings. Moreover, he also won his first Finals MVP on the back of a historic performance. Incidentally, the fire behind his All-time performance had enraged his mother Sonya Curry.

In an iconic moment in Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Stephen Curry riled up the Golden State Warriors and the dubs fans. However, Sonya Curry was very displeased with the passionate act, as Steph revealed later on.

Sonya Curry was not a fan of this iconic Stephen Curry moment in the Finals

Going into Game 4 of the NBA Finals at TD Garden, the Boston Celtics were up by a game in the series. The Warriors’ struggles in the series were the perfect fuel of fire for the Curry trolls. However, in the first quarter of Game 4, Curry made a bold statement to all his haters. After splashing a three, Curry turned towards the Boston crowd and issued a fierce warning. He exclaimed, “This gonna be a different mother fu**ing game.” Curry’s act set the tone for the rest of the game and the series. 

As it turns out, Curry’s out-of-character action did not sit well with his mother. The 4x NBA champion recently admitted it on The Old Man and the Three podcast hosted by JJ Redick. During the podcast, Curry revealed that Sonya Curry was not a fan of his act and was furious with his choice of words. Curry confessed, “My momma got mad at me because of my word choice.” 

However, the Dubs guard did not back down from expressing himself in the face of his mother’s fury. He explained to her the emotions behind the moment. Curry said to her, “You’re right.’ But I was just unleashing a different level of, like, ‘I’m here. We’re here.’… It just required another level of response from us. For me, I wanted to lead that.”

Sonya understood her son’s reasons and was more considerate of the situation. Hailing from a strict Christian family, the Curry siblings were always taught by the their parents to avoid profanities while expressing their thoughts.

Meanwhile, another news regarding Sonya and Steph Curry recently dominated the headlines. Sonya recently revealed during the promotion of her new book that she once considered aborting her eldest son, Stephen Curry. In her new book, Fierce Love, she mentioned some unknown truths about her life and the Curry family. 

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