Selena Gomez Confesses to Keeping Secrets While Baring Her Cut-Out Grey Jumpsuit

On Thursday, Selena Gomez was spotted enjoying a healthy green drink, giving us a hint on how she keeps her slender figure. The 22-year-old actress looked stunning in a grey jumpsuit which featured her willowy physique and complemented it with high-heeled ankle boots while out in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles. She completed her look with raven hair styled in a sleek bun, a blue bandana tied around her neck, and bold red lipstick.

Feeling reflective: Selena Gomez stepped out in Woodland Hills on Thursday after admitting she has 'been keeping so many secrets' 

Selena Gomez was seen in Woodland Hills on Thursday looking pensive and introspective. Despite her serious mood, she seemed to be in good spirits as she stopped by Jamba Juice for a drink. Earlier that day, Selena took to Instagram to express her annoyance with the constant rumors and lies about her that circulate on the internet. She admitted that it can be frustrating to have old news frozen in time as if it’s still relevant. Selena acknowledged that her fans have seen her go through some difficult times and she has been open about her struggles through her music and actions. As she continues to grow, she hopes to continue sharing her journey with her fans.

Chic and sleek: The 22-year-old actress highlighted her willowy physique in a grey jumpsuit paired with towering high-heeled ankle boots

Chic and sleek: The 22-year-old actress highlighted her willowy physique in a grey jumpsuit paired with towering high-heeled ankle boots

The young actress looked stylishly modern in her grey jumpsuit and high-heeled ankle boots, which accentuated her slender figure.

Finishing touches: The Spring Breakers star styled her raven hair swept back in a sleek bun, accessorized with a blue bandana tied around her neck, and brightened up her look with bold red lipstick

The actress from Spring Breakers had her dark hair styled in a neat bun, with a blue bandana tied around her neck and bold red lipstick to complete her look. She shared her excitement for the upcoming chapter and the truth that she is about to reveal. Selena has been keeping secrets and is constantly reinventing herself, with the goal of being happy with who she is. She believes that strength is beautiful and having a healthy perspective on things is important. Selena is currently taking a break from filming her latest project, The Big Short, which stars A-list actors such as Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling, Steve Carell, and Karen Gillan. In April, Selena was a target of body-shaming comments, but she remains confident in herself and her journey.

With every passing moment, I feel like a brand new person. That’s what I want my fans to know – there’s so much more to share with them.

Nutrients: The star gave a hint as to how she maintains her slender figure as she sipped on a healthy green drink

The celebrity shared a clue about how she maintains her slim physique by sipping on a nutritious green beverage. The movie portrays the men who profited from a worldwide financial crisis. The attractive brunette has recently finished filming three other projects, which include James Franco’s In Dubious Battle, Hotel Transylvania 2, and The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving. On the other hand, TMZ reports that her former partner Justin Bieber pled guilty to charges of assault and reckless driving from an event in which they rode an ATV together. The event transpired on August 29 last year when the 21-year-old musician crashed his ATV into a photographer’s van.

Busy bee: The raven-haired beauty has recently wrapped three other projects, including James Franco’s In Dubious Battle, Hotel Transylvania 2, and The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving

The hardworking lady with dark hair has just finished working on three different assignments, which include the movies In Dubious Battle by James Franco, Hotel Transylvania 2, and The Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving.

All eyes on her: Selena turned heads as she strut her stuff on the way to Jamba Juice 

Selena caught everyone’s attention with her striking appearance while walking towards Jamba Juice. It was reported that Justin had a collision with a man’s car who was taking pictures of the couple. This resulted in a physical altercation between the photographer and Justin, leading to his arrest on September 1st. Despite their rocky past, Selena and Justin were seen enjoying each other’s company at a youth group meetup in New York City at Hillsong Church in May. The two were even captured sharing a laugh and rapping together in a Snapchat video shared by the church pastor, Rich Wilkerson Jr.

Yum! She refreshed herself with a cold bright green drink from Jamba Juice

Yum! She refreshed herself with a cold bright green drink from Jamba Juice

Mmm! She quenched her thirst with a chilled, vibrant green beverage from Jamba Juice.

Legal drama: Her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber has plead guilty to charges of assault and careless driving from an incident in which they were riding an ATV together last August 

Legal trouble: Former flame Justin Bieber has admitted to charges of assault and reckless driving stemming from an incident that occurred during their joint ATV ride back in August.

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