Savannah James Opens Up in Rare Interview About Embracing Admirers

LeBron Jaмes' Wife Saʋannah Talks People Thirsting Oʋer Her Online: 'I Appreciate It'

Savannah James, the wife of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, recently spoke out about how she feels regarding fans “thirsting for” her in the comment section of her social media posts. In a new interview, the businesswoman opened up about how she’s ready to be seen outside her roles as a supportive wife and mother of three, Yahoo reports.

Savannah James once revealed how LeBron James constantly helped her stay in shape - The SportsRush

Savannah admitted she’s aware of the comments and appreciates them. “Everyone wants to see that people are interested in what they’re doing at the time,” she said. “I could see it and I appreciate it. I just took it as it came.”

The mother of three also revealed why she decided to live a private life for the majority of her husband’s 20-year NBA career instead of taking the reality television route or becoming an influencer like many wives and girlfriends of pro athletes. Savannah explained, “That time, to be honest, was spent pouring into my boys. I just really wanted to enjoy being a mom and supporting my husband. I wasn’t super comfortable with putting myself out like that.”

During the interview, Savannah also spoke about the basketball success of their 𝘤𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘥ren. LeBron “Bronny” James Jr., 18, and Bryce Maximus, 15, are aiming for basketball greatness much like their father. Savannah expressed that she wants nothing more than for them to be happy and supported, regardless of what they choose to do in life.

“I’m happy for them,” Savannah said. “If they decide to go the NBA route or a different route, whatever that is, I’m here supporting and rooting for them. I’m their biggest fan always.”

Savannah James Talks Up LeBron James' Passion for Philanthropy As Inspiration in Everything She Does - The SportsRush

Despite her appreciation for fans’ attention, Savannah’s priorities remain focused on her family, and she continues to support them in their endeavors.

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