Reveаling the myѕterieѕ behіnd Vаngа’s рroрhecy аbout аliens

Whether aliens or UFOs are real or not is still a mystery with no official answer.

Reveаling the myѕterieѕ behіnd Vаngа’s рroрhecy аbout аliens

Are there aliens or not?

Although no agency or country has ever announced that UFOs or people coming to Earth from other planets are completely real, many people still believe that aliens exist because of these phenomena. something strange happened.

Many others are skeptical or confused by hidden revelations from many scientists and researchers… Most recently, a series of shocking revelations from former NASA and NATO employees about the existence of UFOs are like aliens.

According to a former NASA engineer named Bergran, the agency intentionally blurred the image of the moon so that people could not see anything on it.

Dr. O’Leary – who specializes in research on Mars, said that the lines of the “face” in the famous “Face on Mars” photo were edited and blurred to make it look like an apparition. natural statue.

And Ms. Donna Hare – who used to work at NASA revealed that astronauts often encounter UFOs in outer space, but they are forced to keep it a secret because the government threatens them.

Retired NATO officer Bob Dean also said that the government destroyed 40 videos of the Apollo program, including the moon landing scene. The reason is because, they are considered socially and politically unacceptable.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell – a former NASA astronaut also revealed that officials working for NASA like him are not allowed to reveal their knowledge about UFOs even after their duties are over. Along with that, leaked images are said to have been intentionally hidden by NASA for the past 60 years.

Vanga’s terrifying prophecy

Reveаling the myѕterieѕ behіnd Vаngа’s рroрhecy аbout аliens

The shocking revelations of many experts who worked for NASA and NATO have made many people wonder about the oracles of blind prophet Vanga (Bulgarian) who lived in the 20th century and are considered two famous prophets. world with many accurate predictions about the future.

According to Vanga, in the future (in the year 2221) a scary encounter between humans and aliens will occur in the search for extraterrestrial life. Before that, in 2125, on Earth, people will receive strange signals from space in Hungary.

Not only Vanga, prophet Nostradamus (French) who lived in the 16th century also predicted that, in 2130, aliens will come to Earth. Nostradamus once foresaw that humans might face an alien invasion of Earth.

There is nothing more shocking and more questionable than the ambiguous words of the world’s leading politicians on this topic, especially American politicians.

In early 2016, while still running for President of the United States, Hillary Clinton (a member of the Democratic Party) made a sensational statement that she would reveal the secrets surrounding UFOs and what is really going on in the United States. secret area 51 if she is elected in this race for the White House. However, Mr. Donald Trump was elected.

Many people curious about secret area 51 (believed to be a secret base hiding alien bodies and aircraft in Nevada, USA) were quite disappointed when the opportunity was revealed by Hillary. about it has slipped away.

However, her statements are still enough to make many people even more suspicious about the existence of aliens.

Reveаling the myѕterieѕ behіnd Vаngа’s рroрhecy аbout аliens

It is known that in addition to Hillary, her husband and former President of the United States – Bill Clinton is also a person who is quite interested in aliens. In early 2014, Mr. Bill Clinton once said: “I believe there are aliens. If one day, they appear, I don’t see anything strange.”

American Presidents are said to know clearly about UFOs and aliens, but they are required not to reveal them. In addition to Bill Clinton, many other US presidents have also vaguely mentioned this issue.

Former US President Jimmy Carter also confirmed seeing a UFO in 1969: “That night I was outside the school cafeteria. The sky was getting dark, I was preparing dinner. There were about 25 people nearby. me, suddenly I saw a strange halo of light flying towards us from the west, it was a round disc-shaped object.

Reveаling the myѕterieѕ behіnd Vаngа’s рroрhecy аbout аliens

It flew closer and closer to us, reached the pine tree, stopped hovering, then changed color from green to red to white. Everyone was scared, no one knew what it was. Then it sped off to the west and disappeared. This is what I saw with my own eyes”…

US President Barack Obama also said in 2012 “I come in peace” when visiting Roswell (in New Mexico, USA) – where the famous flying saucer crash occurred. Many people were skeptical that this was a saying from aliens when they visited earth.

When the reporter asked him if in this place, the government had ever found the body of an alien that fell with a UFO, Obama replied meaningfully: “If I give you information, I will will have to harm you… We must keep our secret here.”

Shocking photos of aliens circulating online are said to have been hidden for the past 60 years:

Reveаling the myѕterieѕ behіnd Vаngа’s рroрhecy аbout аliens

Reveаling the myѕterieѕ behіnd Vаngа’s рroрhecy аbout аliens

Reveаling the myѕterieѕ behіnd Vаngа’s рroрhecy аbout аliens

Reveаling the myѕterieѕ behіnd Vаngа’s рroрhecy аbout аliens

Reveаling the myѕterieѕ behіnd Vаngа’s рroрhecy аbout аliens

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