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For several decades, the way of life familiar to Russians has been strongly influenced by traditions that have come to us from abroad. Even the dacha, a favorite place for outdoor activities for most of our compatriots, has noticeably changed its appearance and purpose. And more and more often, among buildings with traditional garden beds, you can find houses on the territory of which small islands stand out as a bright spot – modern oases, known in the world of landscape design as a “patio”.

This term, derived from the Spanish word patio – “house without a roof”, is usually called a patio hidden from prying eyes, enclosed by a wall of the house, as well as hedges, screens and decorative lattices. The main element of the patio is an open paved area with a perfectly flat surface.

This structure is most popular in countries with a mild climate. It is not for nothing that the origins of the classical patio should be sought in the times of Antiquity in the states of the Mediterranean. In the south of Europe, such open-air rooms were used for receiving guests and relaxing. It is noteworthy that patios were arranged not only in private houses, but also next to administrative buildings, as well as at monasteries and churches. A few centuries later, the fashion trend moved to Latin America and the territory of the East. According to local customs, it is customary to design a patio in the form of an ordinary living space, in which such attributes as elegant wicker furniture, a comfortable table and many decorative plants must be placed. Residents of our country learned about this direction of landscape design relatively recently, however,

In the conditions of a peculiar Russian climate, it is difficult to achieve the classic design of the patio, but this does not mean at all that you should completely give up the opportunity to create a cozy corner in your dacha that allows you to enjoy the peace of country life.

First of all, the patio is part of the summer cottage at ground level, and sometimes even flush with the foundation of the building, which is a functional space organized outside the house. Thanks to this element of landscape design, the territory of the building expands, and, consequently, the living space increases. In addition to a flat area intended for recreation and household needs, the patio, at the discretion of the owners, can be supplemented with such elements as:

  • pool;
  • artificial reservoir;
  • fountain;
  • flower garden or lawn;
  • trees, ornamental shrubs;
  • various collections of plants;
  • various decorative elements (pergolas, miniature sculptures, artificial waterfalls, amphorae and fruit vases).

The selection of a site for a living room in nature should begin with finding out its main purpose. Perhaps the need for a patio is due to the frequent reception of guests, the need to organize festive events or friendly parties. Or it’s just time to arrange a cozy place for unforgettable romantic evenings with the people closest to you. In the first case, you will need a spacious area that allows you to place a barbecue or barbecue grill. To implement the second option, a small piece of land on the territory of the dacha will be enough, where only everything you need will be placed.

The size of the patio, in any case, will depend on the dimensions of the suburban area itself. So, the owners of small country houses, the territory of which is limited by other buildings, will not be able to allocate a lot of space for an open area. And yet, when creating a patio, it should be remembered that a miniature corner for relaxing a small family can be placed on a piece of land measuring 2-3 square meters. meters, and to invite four or more people to visit, you will need an area of ​​more than 4 square meters. meters.

Historically, the patio is a kind of continuation of the house, so it must be somehow connected with it. If this option is chosen, then the construction of an open-air site will depend on the architectural features of the building. In a country house built in the shape of the letter “P”, a patio can be designed in the space between its three walls. This is the classic view of the patio. In addition, the patio is often placed in front of the residential building – around the perimeter.

In recent years, many summer residents are increasingly using the most picturesque corners of their personal plots for such a structure, which are located at a considerable distance from the main buildings. Such a resting place will look extremely impressive next to an artificial reservoir, equipped on the territory of the dacha. Thanks to this design solution, the air near the patio will seem cooler even on the hottest day. In addition, the owners of the dacha, sitting in the yard, get the opportunity not only to gain strength after a hard week of work, but also enjoy the beautiful views from the site.

If the patio is adjacent to the main building, then it is best to choose a square or rectangle shape for it. Straight lines blend well with the outline of the building and make it easier to create a blind area. Or you can take a more daring idea and create a fancy multi-level patio that includes several types of floors. A platform with irregular outlines and intricate bends will look very original.

Depending on the purpose of the patio and the financial capabilities of the owners of the summer cottage, when paving the floor, you can use the following materials:

  1. Tiles of different types. Sufficiently durable coating that does not cause problems when laying. Difficulties can arise only if the open area has a bizarre shape.
  2. Tree. The coating of this material, due to its naturalness and environmental safety, is very much appreciated by the owners of suburban housing. However, it should be borne in mind that the wooden base will not last long.
  3. Decorative stone and granite. Such floor coverings have an extremely attractive appearance. In addition, stone floors are extremely strong and durable.
  4. Paving stones. This material will last a long time. When the soil is deformed, pavement floors are able to adapt to the changes that have occurred and take the desired shape. The cost of this type of coverage is quite high.
  5. Concrete plates. The appearance of objects made from this material is not attractive. But such platforms are strong, durable and do not require significant costs.
  6. Terrace board made of “liquid wood”. This little-known material has been used only recently. Unlike natural wood, decking does not require impregnation and painting, does not lose color and does not rot.

A combination of different materials will look especially impressive: pebbles and tiles, wood and natural stone.

Decorating an open-air site can be considered the most pleasant moment of construction and summer cottage work. When choosing furniture, it is best to pay attention to samples made of wicker, wood, rattan, plastic or metal. Graceful wicker chairs, as well as stable wrought iron chairs will be perfectly combined with the texture of the flooring and other decorative design elements. You can, of course, install upholstered furniture, decorating it with bright pillows, but then you should think about protection from rain in advance.

The perfect addition to the patio are decorative plants planted around the perimeter of the paved area. Thanks to the hedge, the open-air living room will look very picturesque. And if you install openwork lattice walls on the territory of the patio and put climbing plants (grapes, ivy, loach) on them, then the site will be closed from bright sunlight, wind and prying eyes. You can plant flowering plants in special containers or planters – this will give a special flavor to the whole composition. And cute lanterns, candles in beautiful candlesticks and elegant baskets with a set of pleasant little things necessary for evening gatherings will make the patio even more comfortable and help create a romantic mood.

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