Outdoor Paradise: 28 Beautiful Ideas For Your Water Garden

If you are dreaming of relaxing beside a beautiful outdoor water garden in your own backyard, the list today will give you great recommendations. These ideas will yield hours of relaxation in nature just footsteps from your own home. No matter how big or small your yard, we have the 28 Best Beautiful Water Garden Ideas to help you choose a water feature to suit your space and on budget.

Taking them a look, you will see that each of the designs has its own beauty attracting anyone’s eyes. To install these beautiful water gardens, you will have to spend a quite long-time planting and preparing. After your efforts, the best result will come to you with dreamy landscapes to immerse you in nature. Regardless of you choose any ideas, you will have a stunning outdoor space that not only you but also your neighbors will fall in love with. Save the one you love and try it!

#1 A Long And Narrow Rock Pond For Backyard

Source: Tumblr

#2 A Koi Pond With Wooden Bridge

#3 A Rock Pond With A Fountain

Source: Flickr

#4 Water Garden With A Variety Of Aquatic Plantings

#5 A Small Koi Pond With A Waterfall

Source: Theinspiredhive

#6 A Long Pond For Green Garden

#7 A Rock Waterfall To Create A Small Pond

Source: Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

#8 Yard With A Small Pond And Fountain

#9 A Small Pond In Yard

Source: Ralph

#10 Backyard Pond Waterfall

#11 A Water Rock Garden Under The Shade Of Tall Tree

Source: Rebecca BW

#12 A Great Pond In The Front Yard

#13 A Stunning Koi Pond With Big Natural Rock

Source: Lia Moreira

#14 A Small Pond For Backyard With A Simple Bench To Relax

#15 A Small Round Pond With Pergola Design And Plants

Source: Owntheyard

#16 A Small Pond With A Waterfall In The Corner Of The Yard

#17 Natural Pond With A Water Fountain

Source: Kdjardinsenscene

#18 A Small Rock Pond Near Yard

#19 Outdoor Above-Ground Pond

Source: Flickr

#20 Relaxing Waterfall

#21 A Stunning Pond Idea Combine With Water Features And Bright Flowers

#22 Wonderful Landscaping Idea With The Variety of Plants

#23 Dream Fish Pond With Deck Design

#24 A Rock Stream For Backyard

#25 Another Rock Stream In Front Yard

#26 Waterfall Next to Driveway

#27 A Simple Beauty Of A Water Rock Garden

#28 Enjoy The Beauty Nature With Water And Plants Right In The Yard

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