Netizens Left Stunned By Enormous Crater Captured By Aerial Camera

Many times social network users are surprised by moments captured from the air thanks to flycams or simply from airplane windows. Many videos posted to TikTok receive a lot of views, and the identity of those locations is always a huge question mark.

As recently, TikTok users around the world continuously passed along a clip recording a scene of a giant “hole” appearing on the ground when viewed from a flycam. The video received more than 7 million views and 7.5k excited comments.

Stunned by the giant crater abroad

In the video, it can be seen that this giant sinkhole looks so deep that there is no bottom, surrounded by a forest with overgrown grass and trees, but no households live.

In the comments section, everyone expressed curiosity about the identity of this place. Many Vietnamese TikTok accounts wonder if this is some giant cave in our country, like Son Doong for example:

– “Looking deeply into the depths, it’s really scary”

– “May I ask where is this cave?”

– “What do you think, Vietnam also has Son Doong cave, which is very majestic when viewed from above?”

– “Why don’t they try flying a drone inside to explore?”

Close-up of a giant crater recorded by flycam

Although the true identity of the location in the video has not been revealed, few people know that Vietnam also has many caves and sinkholes that are extremely majestic and mysterious when viewed from above. Typical examples are Son Doong cave – the world’s largest natural cave in Quang Binh and a sinkhole in Meo Vac, Ha Giang.

Vietnam also has giant cave mouths that are no less beautiful than foreign countries

Son Doong Cave when viewed from above

Mouth of a sinkhole in Meo Vac, Ha Giang

Looking from below is even more majestic

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