Messi and Inter Miami desire a 65,000-seat stadium to host the America’s Cup final.

Journalist Gaston Edul – channel TyC Sports (Argentina), revealed: “Inter Miami Club is looking for the possibility of holding the America Cup final on Hard Rock with a capacity of 65,000 seats”.

Messi helped Inter Miami continue to write his fairy tale after winning the Leagues Cup, when he was present in the final of the US Open Cup, the most prestigious and oldest tournament in American football history. established in 1914).

Messi và Inter Miami sẽ thi đấu chung kết Cúp nước Mỹ trên sân 65.000 chỗ ngồi - Ảnh 1.

Messi (centre) helps Inter Miami Club continue to write the fairy tale


In the final of the American Cup, Messi and his teammates played at home against Houston Dynamo club on September 27. This is the second consecutive final of the Argentine superstar since joining Inter Miami. In particular, he helped the team chaired by former player David Beckham win the first championship in history – the Leagues Cup.

The home ground of Inter Miami Club, the DRV PNK stadium with a capacity of 18,000 seats, has been upgraded to 21,000 seats since the recruitment of Messi in July. This capacity is forecasted to be insufficient when Inter Miami plays the final match. America’s Cup, due to the great demand for viewers.

Ronaldo calls, Messi answers: The instinct to hunt for the title of greats

“Inter Miami Club is considering the possibility of moving the US Cup final from the DRV PNK stadium to the Hard Rock multi-purpose arena in Miami Gardens, Florida with a larger capacity. This stadium will meet the great aspirations of the players. Inter Miami fans, when so many people want to see the home team and Messi play in the final of the America Cup, marks a major turning point in the team’s history,” journalist Gaston Edul shared.

Billionaire Jorge Mas, co-owner of Inter Miami club with former player David Beckham, once said: “Inter Miami plays at DRV PNK’s home ground, but in important and big games, we consider the possibility. held at the Hard Rock Stadium to meet the wishes of the fans”.

Messi và Inter Miami sẽ thi đấu chung kết Cúp nước Mỹ trên sân 65.000 chỗ ngồi - Ảnh 2.

Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium is very famous in the United States, is a multi-purpose field that hosts American-style football, baseball, tennis and football matches… It was also chosen to host matches at the 2026 World Cup finals with the United States. , Mexico and Canada co-hosted.

Messi, after helping Inter Miami win the Leagues Cup and reach the final of the American Cup, played 8 matches in about 33 days, scored 10 goals and had 3 assists. Except for the debut match against Cruz Azul Club on July 22, who entered the field from the beginning of the second half, the next matches Messi played the whole match, including 3 games of 120 minutes and penalty shootouts.

Messi và Inter Miami sẽ thi đấu chung kết Cúp nước Mỹ trên sân 65.000 chỗ ngồi - Ảnh 3.

Messi và Inter Miami sẽ thi đấu chung kết Cúp nước Mỹ trên sân 65.000 chỗ ngồi - Ảnh 4.

Messi, although his fitness has been significantly affected, is always happy and inspired when helping Inter Miami win consecutively

Coach Tata Martino intends to give Messi a break, because this 36-year-old player plays continuously with a density of only 3 to 4 days/match is too much. “Not only Messi, the other players of Inter Miami are quite tired. They have reached the limit of their fitness. We will have to recalculate in the next 3 games and the ability to let Messi rest. However. “As long as Messi doesn’t tell me anything, he will still play. Everyone knows, Messi loves to play. He has endless inspiration on the pitch,” coach Tata Martino shared.

In the upcoming match, Messi will make his debut in the MLS when Inter Miami comes to the away field to meet the New York Red Bulls club at 6:30 am on August 27 (Vietnam time). Inter Miami is at the bottom of the MLS Eastern region, they are in dire need of Messi and teammates Busquets, Jordi Alba to help improve the results, in the hope of rising to 8th or 9th place to win play-place. off, continue to compete for the championship.

But this is considered an extremely difficult task, while Messi has been somewhat physically affected after the last series of matches.

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