Looking rosy: Scarlett Johansson goes for a girly look with plaits and red floral frock at Avengers Assemble UK premiere

She was last seen promoting sci-fi movie The Avengers in an androgynous ensemble consisting of trousers and a tailored jacket.

But Scarlett Johansson obviously wanted to show off her girly side as she took to the red carpet in London earlier tonight.

The actress ignored the thunder and rain to show up in a cute strapless frock with red rose flower detailing.

Girly get-up: Scarlett Johansson went for an English rose feel at the London premiere of Avengers Assemble with a plait in her hair and a flowered frock

Dressing up: The actress, who plays the Black Widow in the film, ignored the torrential rain to wear her strapless frockDressing up: The actress, who plays the Black Widow in the film, ignored the torrential rain to wear her strapless frock

Scarlett, 27, was the belle of the ball at the premiere with her blonde locks scraped into an up do with a large plait above her forehead.

While she gave off an even more glamorous feel with lashings of dark red lipstick to match the dress.

Johansson was the star attraction on the red carpet, as she was joined by her male cast members, including Robert Downey, Jr. Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth and Jeremy Renner.

Downey, Jr. went for a bespectacled dapper look with glasses, a black suit, white shirt and thin black tie.

Dapper: She was joined by lead male stars Robert Downey, Jr. and Jeremy Renner, who wore suits to the UK premiereDapper: She was joined by lead male stars Robert Downey, Jr. and Jeremy Renner, who wore suits to the UK premiere

But it was Hemsworth out of the male stars who caused a stir at the event, as he was joined by his heavily pregnant wife Elsa Pataky.

The actress is due to give birth any day and looked blooming as she showed off her large bump in a floorlength emerald green dress.

Chris, 28, proudly stroked her belly as he posed for the cameras in his own black suit with his hair slicked back.

Pretty hair: Scarlett showed off her intricate plait hair do when she turned around for the cameras

Elsa smiled widely in the halter neck frock, while she wore her blonde locks in a loose pony tail and kept her make-up simple.

And she was clearly in a jovial mood as she joked around on the carpet as her tummy was patted and stroked.

Scarlett plays the Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, in the film, Avengers Assemble.

And while she dressed to impress at the premiere, the Lost In Translation star has revealed she filmed many of the scenes for the movie without any underwear beneath her slinky black catsuit.

Signing autographs: Scarlett smouldered with her dark red lipstick as she greeted fans in the cold weather

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