Keanu Reeves, The Tragic Life Of “the Kindest Star On The Planet” And The Way He Accepted It Touched Many People

Keanu Charles Reeves (1964, Canada) is a Hollywood actor , famous for blockbuster series such as The Matrix , Speed, Constantine… An A-list star with an income of hundreds of millions of dollars, Keanu Reeves is one of the rare people Choose for yourself a simple lifestyle, without luxury houses or cars.

Keanu Charles Reeves was born in 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon. His mother is of English descent, and his father is Hawaiian of Chinese descent. When Reeves was three years old, his father left the family, and his mother began taking her children around the world on her remarriages.

Therefore, Keanu Reeves has to constantly change schools. Studying became a big challenge for the actor, because he suffered from dyslexia. Finally, the teenager decided to drop out of school to go to Hollywood , pursuing his passion for the seventh art.

The pain of losing 3 closest people of Keanu Reeves

In 1993, Keanu experienced great pain and loss due to the death of actor River Phoenix, his close brother, who passed away forever at the age of 23 due to drug overdose. Previously, the two were an identical couple, wherever they went they never forgot to mention the other person, to the point that they were rumored to be in a homosexual relationship.

Keanu Reeves, the tragic life of the kindest star on the planet and the way he accepted it touched many people - Photo 2.

Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix

Keanu Reeves has a close friendship with River Phoenix. But the talented young man passed away forever in 1993 at the age of 23 due to drug overdose. Phoenix once said of Reeves: “I like him. He’s like my brother.” On the other hand, Reeves explained: “I always love River because he is a rare close friend that is hard to find.”

Until later, the Matrix actor still remembered his old close friend, as well as the pain of losing him. “He was a wonderful person, a talented actor. We were very close and I miss him very much. I still think of River Phoenix often,” he said.

Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Syme

In 1998, he met and fell in love with Jennifer Syme. The couple loved each other passionately and were extremely happy when they received news that Jennifer was pregnant with their first daughter a year later.

The joy was short-lived, the child had not yet had time to cry for the first time and died in the mother’s womb in the 8th month of pregnancy.

The child’s death caused a huge hole in Keanu and Jennifer’s relationship. Not long after, the couple broke up but still kept in contact as two close friends.

Fate once again decided not to forgive Keanu when it took the life of the girl he loved most 18 months later in a traffic accident.

Keanu Reeves, the tragic life of the kindest star on the planet and the way he accepted it touched many people - Photo 4.

Two consecutive shocks caused Keanu Reeves to lose direction and fall into a state of depression.

Keanu buried Jennifer’s body next to their daughter’s grave in Westwood Village Cemetery in Los Angeles. From then on, the smile disappeared from the actor’s lips.

The Hollywood star’s positive, kind and simple attitude to life

In the most desperate moment, Keanu always told himself: “Every difficulty in life helps you grow. Be grateful for those dark times because thanks to them you will become stronger.”

The Matrix star’s positive lifestyle and unyielding energy make the public admire him.

In a 2003 interview, Keanu once said: “Money is the last thing I think about. I can live on what I have made for the next few centuries.”

His sharing was met with a lot of sarcasm from the online community. The actor did not object at that time, only using his actions to prove that he was not talking nonsense. In fact, what Keanu did went beyond what he said.

Keanu deducted 80 million USD from the 114 million USD salary for filming Matrix 2 to divide equally among the post-production staff in the film crew. In addition, he also gave a Christmas gift worth 20 thousand USD to the family of an employee in difficult circumstances.

Keanu’s younger sister has leukemia. So he used all the money he earned to treat his sister. In addition, he is also the most enthusiastic anonymous sponsor of charity funds supporting cancer patients.

If you happen to see Keanu on the street, many people probably won’t recognize the shaggy, bearded man in front of them as a famous Hollywood star.

Keanu Reeves, the tragic life of the kindest star on the planet and the way he accepted it touched many people - Photo 6.

Possessing enormous assets, he chooses a simple lifestyle, without a house or car, and instead regularly uses public transportation such as the subway.

As for Keanu, he has no concept between rich and poor. Encountering homeless people on the street, the actor will not hesitate to shake their hands, ask questions and chat just like friends.

It is because of Keanu’s humane lifestyle, despite adversity, that he has earned him the title “the kindest man on the planet”. Once said: “Pain only changes from one shape to another, it never ends.”

Even on his 46th birthday, the actor bought himself a birthday cake, ate alone in the park and shared it with anyone who recognized him. That is the origin of the “Sad Keanu” meme series on the Internet.

“I don’t want to run away from life because I understand its beauty. I still want to get married and have children, and I will do it. Sometimes the enemy is the best teacher and we can learn Ask from your own mistakes. Sometimes, destruction also means rebirth,” concluded Keanu Reeves

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