No es sólo un superdeportivo; ¡Ferrari o Chevy Corvette en el mar también son un barco!

Meet the ultimate plaything tailored for the affluent and adventurous souls residing in coastal areas – the magnificent, high-speed luxury yacht. This opulent vessel not only embodies extravagance but also offers an unparalleled experience of cruising the open waters in style and comfort. Designed to cater to the whims of the wealthy and the wild, this yacht promises an unrivaled escape on the ocean, providing a taste of luxury living amidst the breathtaking seascape. Whether it’s exploring exotic destinations, hosting lavish parties, or simply relishing the freedom of the open sea, this prized possession is the perfect companion for those who seek both opulence and adventure in their oceanic pursuits.

A supercar but it’s a boat – you can now drive a Ferrari or a Chevy Corvette on water fb - DX

This is the perfect toy for wealthy (and wild) people who live near the ocean: a supercar boat.

A company called Waterlink is renting these jetski/boat supercars, which are currently based off of Corvette and Ferrari models.

It will also include Bentley, Aston Martin and Bugatti in the near future.

The engine is still located at the rear but the V8 that powers the Corvette C8, on which this speedboat is based, has been replaced with 1.8-litre unit.

Mind you, the top speed is 100kmh (62mph/54 knots) and that’s more than enough on water.

Supercar Blondie’s Sergi Galiano got a chance to drive it in Dubai and said it was “unlike anything I’ve ever seen before”. Check out the video above to see Sergi put it through its paces.

The supercar boat specs

The cabin still looks like a car: you’ve got a gear lever, a steering wheel, a gas pedal but no brakes, all you have to do is lift the throttle and the laws of physics will do the rest.

The ‘speedboatVette‘ costs about $40,000-$50,000, but you can also rent one for about $700 an hour.

A supercar but it’s a boat – you can now drive a Ferrari or a Chevy Corvette on water fb - DXImage: Supercarblondie

A supercar but it’s a boat – you can now drive a Ferrari or a Chevy Corvette on water fb - DX


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