It’s just good jeans! Selena Gomez displays her lean limbs in a denim playsuit as she pumps petrol

She can pull it off! Selena Gomez wore a denim playsuit as she pumped gas in Tarzana, California on Sunday

Selena Gomez effortlessly rocks a stylish denim romper while refueling her car in the sunny neighborhood of Tarzana, California over the weekend.

Social butterfly: The star was on her cell phone after grabbing some cash from inside the market

Social butterfly: The famous lady was engrossed in her mobile phone conversation, just moments after she discreetly withdrew some money from the local market.

Plastic preferred: Selena appeared to pay for her transaction with a credit card

Plastic of choice: Selena seemed to settle her payment using a credit card.

Missing something? The star looked down, seeming to be checking her surroundings before hopping into her vehicle

Lacking an item? The celestial body gazed below, as if inspecting the environment prior to jumping into her automobile.

Retro rules: Selena looked effortlessly cool in the vintage inspired ensembles, with the sleeves and shorts rolled up

Retro rules: Selena looked effortlessly cool in the vintage inspired ensembles, with the sleeves and shorts rolled up

Selena effortlessly exuded a cool vibe with her stylish outfits that were clearly inspired by the retro era. She effortlessly rolled up the sleeves and shorts, adding a touch of vintage flair to her ensembles.


Feeling a bit chilly? Despite it being one of the warmest days in October so far, the celebrity decided to embrace the cozy vibes by gracefully draping a scarf around her neck on Sunday in Los Angeles.

Enviable locks: The starlet showed off her thick brown mane

Coveted tresses: The actress flaunted her luscious brunette hair.

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