Instead of a 2024 Mustang GT, a Fox Body Ford Mustang is worth the money

If you’re a fan of the built-not-bought philosophy, this HotCars Exclusive widebody Mustang concept could be exactly what you’re looking for.

As good as the 2024 Ford Mustang is, and as great as the new Mustang prices are, there’s something to be said for individuality. The S650 Mustang ups the ante when it comes to power, performance, handling, and perhaps most important for the new-age buyer, technology. And with prices starting at $30,920, expect it to sell like hot-sliders and literally be everywhere you look. That, and the fact that there’s maybe one screen too many in the seventh-gen Mustang, could turn some people off.

In that case, we recommend looking into something more unique, with a lot more character, and a whole-lot more old-school charm. Something like this 1987 Ford Mustang Fox Body restomod designed by digital artist Rostislav Prokop for HotCars, perhaps? It’s not everyday you see a shimmering gold Mustang Fox Body redesign, but if any car can pull it off, it’s this ‘80s muscle car icon. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a widebody and looks more beefy. Maybe it’s the neat throwback design touches. Whatever it is, it’s sure to turn more heads than a new Mustang.

This Widebody Fox Body Mustang Is Begging To Be Made

Just like the super-rare McLaren Mustang rocking a widebody, this Mustang restomod looks significantly better than the base car. Unfortunately it’s not likely you’re going to find one anytime soon, considering only 10 Mustang M81s were made. But this widebody Mustang III is free inspiration for anyone out there.

Based on the later-year Fox Body with the more rounded design, this restomod concept turns things up with the aggressive body kit and big wheels that tribute the original’s 3 split-spoke wheel design. Instead of blending the body kit in, the artist has decided to let everyone know just how far out the fenders flare, and it’s an effect we can get on board with. With the meaty tires filling out the wheel wells, this Fox Body has some serious stance to it too.

The split headlights are also a cool solution to the slightly vacant stare the large headlights of the ’87 Mustang gave you. It doesn’t hurt that this restomod’s front end gives off serious racecar vibes at the same time.

That, and the functional twin NACA-styled hood scoops should give anyone an indication that they’re not looking at just any regular Mustang restomod. The cutouts for the fog lamps also pays tribute to the fastest ‘Stang of the era, the SVT Fox Body Mustang. Just as well, as that car was pretty much a racecar for the road. The keen-eyed out there will also notice the spoiler design that throws back to the SVT. But with a twist to make it stand out just a little more.

What Makes A Mustang A Fox Body?

If you’ve ever wondered why the ‘80s and ‘90s Mustangs were called Fox Bodys, the simple answer is that they were built on Ford’s new Fox platform. The Mustang III was a huge departure for Ford, and market research was telling them to go with a lighter, more efficient car, because that’s exactly what people wanted. Especially after the oil crisis and the bloated failure that was the Mustang II.

Fox Body Mustangs were built between 1979 and 1993, making it one of the longest running generations of the iconic pony car. And while earlier Fox Bodys were choked by emissions, with the 5.0-liter V8 only making 140 horsepower at one point, the later cars finally got their mojo back.

Why Are Fox Bodys So Expensive?

Usually a new generation of anything — cars, phones, freakin’ AirPods even — mean the previous versions drop in value. But it looks like the Mustang Fox Body, a car many people considered ugly, is getting its due. And it’s only recently that it seems to have picked up, with the seventh-gen Mustang around the corner. In fact, the new Mustang’s digital instrument cluster even tributes it! There’s a mode that makes the ultra-modern clocks resemble the Fox Body’s instruments.

The Fox Body is turning out to be a modern classic as the years go on. And prices seem to reflect that, though you can find one in decent condition for under $10,000 if you get lucky. Which means you could restomod it, slap in a recent 5.0 V8, make close to 450 hp like on the 2024 Mustang, and call it a day. All for less than the cost of a new Mustang. It’ll be a lot more hard work, and not nearly as modern. But for some people, like Matt Farah with his dream Fox Body build years back, that’s the charm in it.

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