Exploring the Viral Rumor: Will the Warriors Honor Kevin Durant with the Retirement of his No. 35 Jersey?

The Golden State Warriors’ decision to retire Kevin Durant’s jersey has garnered momentum on X. Nevertheless, no formal statements have been made.

A team may choose to retire a player’s jersey in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments. Although there are no hard and fast rules, things like individual achievements, titles, and overall franchise effect are taken into account.

During his three seasons with the Warriors, Durant won two NBA titles (in 2017 and 2018) and consecutive MVP trophies in the Finals. The CEO of the Warriors, Joe Lacob, stated in 2019 that Durant’s No. 35 would never be worn again, suggesting that he may eventually retire. Just so you know, Durant thinks his accomplishments are worthy of a jersey retirement. 

Just so you know, Adrian Wojnarowski, a parody/satire account started the commotion! Sports teams and athletes are often targets of parody accounts, which frequently imitate real accounts for comedic effect.


During the NBA trade deadline the previous year, Kevin Durant was dealt to the Phoenix Suns. Recent reports suggest that Kevin Durant would like to continue playing for a few more years. Durant and the Phoenix Suns have a contract that runs through the 2025–2026 campaign. His four-year contract is valued at $194.2 million. 

Here is a brief glance at his upcoming season-by-season salary: $46.4 million (about), $49.9 million (approximately), and $53.3 million (roughly) in 2023–2024. Additionally, his deal has possible incentives related to playing time, postseason participation, and All-Star choices.

For the Phoenix Suns this season, Kevin Durant has been amazing. Durant is scoring an astounding 31.1 points per contest on average. 48.7% of his three-pointers are going down. Recently, Durant overtook Dirk Nowitzki for 17th position on the all-time 3-pointers made list and passed Moses Malone to take the 10th spot on the scoring chart. Despite Durant’s remarkable numbers, there have been some doubts about the Suns’ overall record. 

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