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The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making a significant impact on various sectors of our society, and its introduction has made the future look more modern and advanced. AI has found applications in voice recognition, education, automobiles, robotics, navigation, healthcare, E-commerce, and several other areas, including design. The use of AI in the design industry has numerous applications and benefits. It is revolutionizing the conceptualization process due to its efficiency and user-friendly approach. Designing can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, but the use of AI tools makes it easier and helps designs to be generated at our convenience. If you’re interested in learning more about AI in design, here are 12 AI designers you should follow on Instagram, starting with Hassan Ragab.

Meet Hassan Ragab, an Egyptian artist and computational designer who is delving into the world of artificial intelligence with his exploration of Midjourney – a tool that transforms text into images. With a strong focus on design and architecture, Hassan has been experimenting with integrating biomimicry into his AI design outputs. By incorporating natural elements such as feathers and plant forms, he has been able to create dynamic and complex parametric forms using simple architectural structures. If you’re interested in learning more about Hassan’s innovative approach, be sure to check out PAACADEMY’s AI Conceptual Architecture 3.0 – Studio Hassan Ragab!

Meet Tim Fu, a talented Canadian architectural designer with a passion for algorithmic design and computational research. He’s also a valued member of Zaha Hadid Architects. Recently, Tim has been experimenting with the creative possibilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in architecture design. Using Midjourney, he’s been able to reimagine and redefine Renaissance styles through his innovative designs. According to Tim, AI-assisted design is the way of the future for architects and interior designers. His unique AI-generated designs have even caught the attention of Sprayground, a popular clothing fashion house, leading to a new collaboration.

Ida Rasouli Saani is a highly esteemed architect from Iran who is widely recognized for her expertise in AI design. She is the brilliant mind behind Celeste Design Studio, which specializes in residential projects. Her passion for Persian architecture has led her to incorporate AI into the visualization of her designs. By utilizing artificial intelligence, she delves into the creative process of ideating and conceptualizing architecture. Ida is continuously exploring and innovating with AI-generated architecture, aiming to transform spaces through concept development.

Joshua Vermillion is a passionate designer and also an associate professor at the University of Nevada. He specializes in blending architecture with AI art to create a unique connection between the two. Through his digital creations, he displays his expertise in architecture, with innovative designs that have been generated by AI. His works explore the potential of parametric and generative architectural designs, showcasing his ability to merge design experimentation with AI software. This integration of AI software in the design process results in groundbreaking designs that push the boundaries of innovation, making them a representation of cutting-edge art.

Arturo Tedeschi, an Italian architect and computational designer, has created a name for himself globally with his innovative design concepts that incorporate advanced techniques, materials, and manufacturing technologies. His expertise in digital design enables him to merge various fields and highlight the emotional and semantic significance of objects. With clients ranging from top fashion brands to architects, he provides services like algorithmic modeling, virtual reality, and data-driven design. He has also authored two books, Parametric Architecture with Grasshopper and AAD Algorithms-Aided Design, which are considered global references on the subject.

Ulises is a creative and forward-thinking AI artist who has transformed the way we envision architecture by seamlessly merging household items with traditional structures. His unique digital designs showcase an impressive ability to blend the old with the new, and he relies on Midjourney to bring his ideas to life. Ulises has even developed innovative AI designs for mobile workstations of the future, incorporating cozy pillows into his imaginative creations that explore the history of construction. Another talented artist making waves in the architecture world is Carlos Banon.

Carlos Banon is a widely recognized professional in the field of AI art and architecture, using innovative tools such as Mid Journey AI to explore digital design. He holds various roles, including serving as an associate professor at STUD Singapore and directing AIRLAB Singapore. As an award-winning architect, he focuses on advanced Manufacturing and Digital processes, and sees the potential for Midjourney to revolutionize the way we approach architecture and visual design.

Meet Chantale Matar, the brains behind Studio Chantal Matar Ltd, an architecture and mixed media firm. With experience working for prestigious firms like Zaha Hadid Architects, she has established her own unique style. Chantale is a visionary who wants to use digital design that integrates artificial intelligence and virtual reality to showcase and explore spatial architecture and futuristic designs. She believes that AI technology can make a significant impact on the future of architecture by enhancing the design process. Join her on this exciting Midjourney towards creating intelligent and innovative architectural designs.

Harshdeep Arora, an innovative architect and artist from India, is well-known for his exceptional designs created through the use of artificial intelligence. With valuable experience gained from working with reputable companies such as DADA Partners and UN Studio, he has developed a passion for exploring creative and unique architectural visualizations using the AI tool, Midjourney. Harshdeep’s approach to design involves experimenting with modern designs that incorporate AI-driven features. One of his most popular projects was the Imagicasa Swiss Alps hotel visualizations, which showcase his remarkable talent and creativity.

Shail Patel is a seasoned architect with more than eight years of experience in the field. He has worked in various countries such as India, China, and the USA, which has given him exposure to diverse cultural and architectural practices. Throughout his career, Shail has been involved in designing different types of large-scale projects such as commercial, public buildings, institutional, retail, and urban designs. He has also participated in international competitions while working with notable firms such as FLXBL Design, Plasma Studio, Spectrum, and UN Studio.

Currently, Shail holds the position of Project Architect and Designer at UACDC, which is an outreach center of the Fay Jones School of Architecture at the University of Arkansas. Shail is known for his innovative approach to architecture and his eagerness to explore new avenues, particularly in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). He is an early adopter of AI and has been investigating its applications in various industries, including art, fashion, architecture, automobiles, and retail.

If you’re interested in learning from the best in the industry, consider joining PAACADEMY’s Prompt Intelligence – Studio Shail Patel!

Joann Ann has quickly become a rising star in the world of AI art due to her imaginative and innovative approach to visualizing architecture, products, and more. Among her most striking creations are dream-like designs, portraits, and Inflatable Monuments, a particularly popular series she calls Inflatable Wonders. Joann’s Instagram account is filled with her magical and unique visualizations, which have earned her a growing fan base. She has even collaborated with well-known brands such as Nike, GDS, and Adidas, proving that her intricate visualization skills have broad appeal.

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