Camera Captures Stunning Videos On The Hɑɾley-davidson Vrod Custom ‘GIOTTO 18’ Louis Vuitton

A custom motorcycle recently captured the attention of onlookers and the online motorcycle community when stunning videos revealed its unique design and high-end details. The motorcycle, a heavily customized Vrod known as the “Giotto 18”, boasts custom Louis Vuitton leatherwork and other luxurious accents that elevate it into a two-wheeled work of art.

The videos, which have now gone viral across motorcycle enthusiast forums and social media, provide close-up views of the intricate craftsmanship that makes this custom Vrod stand apart. At the heart of its appeal lies the extensive use of Louis Vuitton materials to reimagine the bike’s bodywork. Its tandem seat, side covers, rear fender and other elements are meticulously wrapped in the French fashion house’s famous brown Monogram canvas and trimmed with its premium leather.

“I knew the Louis Vuitton custom touches would create a huge visual impact and take this Vrod’s style to the next level,” said John Tosin, the master bike builder behind the custom job. “But it’s still incredible to see how the videos truly showcase the details and get reactions from fellow riders. This bike was already a beast in its performance abilities. Now its exotic exterior matches its power within.”

The Giotto 18 began life as a Harley-Davidson V-Rod Muscle, produced from 2009-2017 as a high-powered cruiser with a signature 60-degree V-twin engine. Tosin retained the stock 117 cubic-inch motor but dramatically transformed the remainder of the bike. Motivated by a client’s request for a “French fashion-inspired custom,” he conceived of draping the entire rear half in Louis Vuitton’s monogram canvas and leather.

Executing the concept required intensive sourcing of Vuitton materials directly from the luxury brand’s product lines. Tosin acquired authentic handbags, luggage and accessories in limited-edition Damier and Monogram designs to repurpose into custom upholstery, then collaborated with expert LV craftsmen to meticulously trim and finish each panel. The bike’s side covers, tail section, rear fender and tandem seat received the full Vuitton makeover for a cohesive high-fashion look.

Up front, custom fabricated carbon fiber bodywork continues the streamlined and exotic styling. Pristine jet-black carbon weaves its way along the angular front fairing, fuel tank, front fender and integrated headlight housing. This perfectly complements the darkened V-Rod engine and translucent, tinted turn signals. Other striking touches include champagne-gold custom wheels, hand-stitched leather grips and a suede rider pad on the passenger seat.

Since their debut online, the Giotto 18’s feature videos have accumulated millions of combined views and sparked discussion within motorcycle circles. Fans are praising its flawless execution and stunning visual presence on city streets. The bike’s luxurious style has earned comparisons to exotic cars from the likes of Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

“This Vrod is really in a class of its own,” said one YouTube commenter. “The Vuitton leatherwork takes custom motorcycle design into new territory. Absolutely incredible attention to detail on this build!”

Many riders also noted how the video footage provides revealing close-up views not always seen in motorcycle media. Slow pans capture fine details including custom fabricated aluminum controls, subtle metallic flake in the jet-black paint and precise stitching on the hand-cut Vuitton leather. This rare, in-depth access heightens the appeal of the bike’s meticulous craftsmanship.

Some speculated that practical factors like weather durability might limit the use of high-end Louis Vuitton materials in custom builds. But Tosin selected coated canvas and leathers specifically designed for luggage and travel accessories, which feature weatherproof construction without compromising style.

Looking ahead, Tosin hints that more stunning customs leveraging Louis Vuitton’s prestige are on the horizon. The overwhelming response to the Giotto 18’s debut has fueled further ideas for exclusive collaborations between the French fashion icon and elite motorcycle builders. The one-of-a-kind Vrod has proven that motorcycle style and high fashion design can mesh beautifully when executed to perfection.

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