CƖose-Uρ Of Harley-Daʋidson GreyҺeɑd: A Striking Nardo Grɑy Custoм MoTorcycle by Thundeɾbiкe – Is Thɑt Sρeciɑl SҺade of Grɑy Aᴜdιs

Audi is celebrated for a multitude of accomplishments, including innovations like the renowned quattro system and the creation of high-performance station wagons. However, it is perhaps most notably recognized for a visually striking color known as Nardo Gray. This distinct hue has gained prominence and is most commonly associated with the Audi brand. While Nardo Gray is not exclusive to Audi and has been utilized in various automotive applications, it is inextricably linked with the Audi name when you perform a Google search for this unique color.

This distinctive Nardo Gray shade has also found its way onto motorcycles, with custom bike builders enthusiastically embracing its eye-catching allure. Among these builders is Thunderbike, a prominent German custom motorcycle workshop that specializes in the transformation of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Thunderbike has thoughtfully incorporated Nardo Gray into several of their projects, and it seamlessly complements the limited canvas of a motorcycle’s body.

One remarkable creation from Thunderbike is the Fat Boy Solid Dude, which was unveiled last summer and showcased the compelling use of Nardo Gray. Another recent masterpiece from Thunderbike is the Greyhead, an extraordinary overhaul of a Breakout model. This unique build involves extensive modifications and incorporates over 30 custom parts, with a predominant focus on Nardo Gray for the headlamp fairing, fuel tank, rear fender, and other key elements. The striking choice of Nardo Gray is thoughtfully complemented by black accents on various components.

The Greyhead’s aesthetic appeal is further accentuated by a lower stance, achieved through the installation of a Stage 2 lowering kit, effectively reducing the ride height by 30 mm. Thunderbike’s meticulous craftsmanship is evident in the custom-designed parts, including the headlamp and various covers.

Creating the Greyhead involved an investment of approximately 7,000 euros ($8,500), which covers the cost of customization. However, this does not include expenses related to the base motorcycle, the exhaust system, labor hours, and various undisclosed components. Thunderbike’s unwavering commitment to crafting unique and visually stunning motorcycles, along with their innovative use of Nardo Gray, exemplifies their expertise in the world of custom bike building.

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