“Black-tie-clad Beckham, Corden, Lebron, and Rich Paul light up Miami’s high-end Amex party” – Fav Sported

Over the weekend, David Beckham attended a luxurious party in Miami hosted by American Express Presents CARBONE Beach. The former footballer was accompanied by comedian James Corden, professional basketball player Lebron James and Rich Paul. Despite the singer Adele’s birthday, she was not present at the event. David looked smart in a black suit while James opted for a casual charcoal polo top. The trio shared hugs and took photos together, with Rich Paul, who is also Adele’s boyfriend and agent, standing beside James Corden.

Pals: David Beckham (left) looked dapper in a black suit as he partied with James Corden, Lebron James (right) and Rich Paul at an American Express event on Saturday in Miami

David Beckham and his friends, James Corden, Lebron James, and Rich Paul, had a great time partying at an American Express event in Miami. David looked sharp in a black suit, while Lebron looked stylish in a grey shirt accessorized with stunning silver necklaces. Rich kept it classic with a navy sweater, jeans, and round gold-rimmed sunglasses. During dinner, David and James seemed to be engrossed in a lively conversation as they sat next to each other at one of the tables.

Happy: Rich (right), the boyfriend of Adele, 40, posed for a photo alongside the beaming talk show host (left)

Rich, Adele’s partner, smiled for a picture with the joyful talk show host.

What a pair! The comedian, 43, who put on a casual display in a charcoal polo top, had been sat next to David at one of the tables

What an interesting duo! The comedian, who looked laid-back in a charcoal polo shirt, was seen seated beside David at one of the tables.

Embrace: David soon shared a warm hug with the professional basketball player, 37

David greeted the seasoned basketball athlete and gave him a friendly embrace.

Looking good: The InterMiami FC chatted away with an animated LeBron who cut a trendy figure in a grey shirt and a collection of dazzling silver necklaces

The InterMiami FC had a lively conversation with LeBron, who looked fashionable in a grey shirt and flashy silver necklaces, at an upscale event. The event was attended by other notable guests such as Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Mario Carbone, Hannah Bronfman, and Pierre Gasly. A performance by Andrea Bocelli surprised everyone after dinner. Wyclef Jean also performed energetically to entertain the crowd. After his performance, CARBONE Beach hosted the second round of festivities in partnership with The h.wood Group and Sports Illustrated, featuring live DJ sets by Zack Bia. Recently, James reportedly declined a lucrative multi-year deal from television executives to stay in the US before announcing his decision to leave America next year. His return to Britain after seven years in LA to host The Late Late Show for CBS has shocked Hollywood.

Emerging: David put his best fashion foot forward in a pair of white trainers while removing a pair of sunglasses

Newly appearing: David showcased his fashion sense by wearing a trendy pair of white sneakers and taking off his sunglasses.

Fashion forward: Cutting a pair of baggy trousers, he was joined by a pal as they hit the red carpet

Looking stylish and trendy, he was pictured on the red carpet with a friend after cutting a pair of loose-fitting pants. The famous comedian and his spouse, Julia, along with their three children, reside in Brentwood, a posh area in LA. Their dazzling mansion worth £7.5 million features an impressive eight bathrooms, five bedrooms, and a cinema hall. Despite leaving his nightly show, it is unlikely that the Cordens will put their house up for sale. Julia is an interior designer known for working with big names like the Duchess of Sussex, while the family has close ties with famous personalities such as Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, and Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana. Despite their love for the glamorous Hollywood scene, Corden’s decision to quit his £7 million-a-year job leaves everyone surprised.

Hot stuff: Gabrielle Union sent temperatures soaring in a tight black jumpsuit

Gabrielle Union caused a stir with her sizzling appearance in a snug black jumpsuit. The outfit accentuated her curves and had heads turning in admiration.

Wow! She showed off every curve of her enviable physique through the form-fitting outfit

Oh my goodness! That outfit hugged her body in all the right places, accentuating every curve of her amazing figure.

Unmissable: Fabolous put on a bright display in a white T-shirt featuring yellow long sleeves

Arrival: Shawn Costner wore a pink polo shirt and khaki trousers

A standout moment: Fabolous caught the eye with his vibrant outfit consisting of a white tee with long, yellow sleeves. His companion, Shawn Costner, opted for a pink polo shirt and khaki pants.

Loved up: David Fizdale and his pregnant wife Natasha Sen cosied up on the red carpet

David Fizdale and his pregnant wife Natasha Sen looked lovely as they snuggled up on the red carpet. According to a top Hollywood executive, James leaving his show came as a surprise to many, especially since he was being offered a lot to stay. James’ contract was initially set to expire in August, but he has decided to extend it until next spring before returning to his home country. Although CBS was able to keep James for another year, President George Cheeks expressed his sadness about losing him, stating that they wished he could stay longer and that they were proud to have him as part of their network family.

Couple: Ali and Jeff Zalaznick looked chic in their navy ensembles while posing for cameras

As the cameras flashed, Ali and Jeff Zalaznick appeared stylishly sharp in their matching navy outfits.

Sweet: Lisa Joseph held hands with Bobby Metelus as they flashed broad smiles

Lisa Joseph and Bobby Metelus were seen holding hands, beaming with joy.

Happy: Kara and Steve Ross appeared to be in high spirits as they followed soon afterwards

Ecstatic: Kara and Steve Ross seemed to be overjoyed as they trailed behind shortly after. A reliable insider close to the host clarified that the lucrative proposal was not something that would have persuaded him to continue. The source revealed, “He had the option to go for the money with Gavin and Stacey, receive the paycheck, and perpetually write for it, but he decided against it. This is no different.” In his announcement, James articulated that he does not intend to overstay his welcome, while his companions attribute various factors, such as the possibility of being typecast.

Having a blast: James (left) and David (right) seemed to be in deep conversation with their fellow attendees at the event

Enjoying themselves immensely, James and David were observed having a meaningful discussion with the other participants at the gathering.

Star: Lebron (left) joined a fan for a snap, who wore a white T-shirt and a black baseball cap

Lebron, the basketball superstar, posed for a photo with a fan who donned a black cap and a white t-shirt.

Beaming: Lebron James (left) welcomed Jeff (right) with a hug, while David (far left) sat nearby at his table

Lebron James wore a big smile on his face as he greeted Jeff with a warm embrace, while David sat close by at his own table. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly, with everyone enjoying each other’s company.

Gang: Dwyane Wade, Lebron, Wayne Boich and David Farcy (L-R) got together for a group shot

A group consisting of Dwyane Wade, Lebron, Wayne Boich, and David Farcy (from left to right) gathered to take a collective photo. In addition, he expressed his concern that his parents in England will not be able to spend much time with his children – Max, aged 11, Carey, aged seven, and Charlotte, aged four. The production process is demanding, requiring the filming of four episodes weekly, as well as recording skits like Carpool Karaoke, a widely successful segment where he sings along with renowned figures like Ed Sheeran and Michelle Obama while driving his Range Rover around LA. His skits featuring Sir Paul McCartney, Adele, and Lady Gaga have amassed over a billion views on YouTube, with Adele’s 2016 appearance alone garnering more than 250 million views.

Group: Rich (far left) and Jeff (centre right) were joined by other guests for a picture

Rich and Jeff were accompanied by several other individuals as they posed for a photo.

Friends: Wayne Boich, David, Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Jamie Salter (L-R) are pictured

Pals Wayne Boich, David, Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Jamie Salter (from left to right) are captured in a snapshot.

Hello! Gabrielle Union and her husband Dwayne Wade (right) were joined by James (centre) at one point

Hey there! Gabrielle Union and her spouse Dwayne Wade (on the right) were accompanied by James (in the middle) at a certain point.

Adorable: Gabrielle and Dwayne seemed in great spirits as they danced up a storm in front of onlookers

How cute! Gabrielle and Dwayne looked like they were having a blast as they danced their hearts out in front of a crowd. Remember last December when The Mail on Sunday brought up concerns about the future of Fulwell 73, the production company responsible for The Late Late Show? Apparently, there were some documents floating around that hinted at the dissolution of the umbrella company that owned Fulwell and three other firms. This would have left James out of the business altogether. Freuds, the PR company that works with Fulwell, didn’t want to talk about it though.

Dapper: David posed with some fans inside the lavish venue

Looking sharp and stylish, David was seen taking photos with some of his admirers inside the extravagant location.

Out of this world: Gabrielle flashed her pearly whites while standing next to Michael Bay

Gabrielle beamed her radiant smile while standing beside Michael Bay, as if they were in a different universe.

Cute: Dwyane and Gabrielle couldn't keep their hands off each other while dancing

Adorable: Dwyane and Gabrielle’s affectionate nature was on full display as they twirled around the dance floor, unable to resist each other’s charm.


There were speculations that the popular celebrity and his close pal, Ben Winston, had a falling out after being friends for a quarter of a century. The duo relocated from London to Hollywood back in 2015 and are still collaborating on projects together. Despite the rumors, both parties have denied any discord between them. Winston even took to Instagram recently to express his happiness about working with his best friend, who he claims is the most skilled individual in the world.

Talented: Wyclef Jean performed his greatest hits for the star-studded guests on stage

Exceptional: Wyclef Jean wowed the audience with a spectacular rendition of his top charting numbers during the exclusive event for VIP attendees.

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