Antonella Roccuzzo’s Stylish Fashion Choices: A Glimpse into Messi’s Partner’s Personal Style

Antonella Roccuzzo is known for her fashion sense and regularly sports stylish evening gowns with plunging necklines. She also looks gorgeous in swimsuits adorned with patterns. As the wife of football icon Messi, she certainly knows how to make a statement!

Antonella Roccuzzo, 33 years old, passionate about fashion, often appears at international fashion weeks. Her wardrobe is mostly branded items of big fashion houses.

Shortly after leading Argentina to victory in the Copa America 2021 on July 11th, Lionel Messi made a video call to his wife, Antonella Rocuzzo, who was back home. The couple, who have been close friends since they were five years old, met through Messi’s best friend, midfielder Lucas Scaglia, who happens to be Rocuzzo’s cousin. After dating for some time, they had two children and eventually tied the knot in 2017. Later in 2018, they welcomed their third child. Rocuzzo is a fashion enthusiast and often attends international fashion weeks, boasting an impressive collection of designer pieces from top fashion houses.

Sequi Stella McCartney dress at UEFA The Best Awards.

Antonella Roccuzzo has a love for donning evening gowns featuring a plunging neckline while accompanying her husband and kids to events. At the 2019 FIFA’s The Best awards ceremony, where Messi was crowned “Best Player,” she was a vision of beauty in Stella McCartney’s glitzy dress, which accentuated her fashion sense flawlessly.

Kelvis Casillas

Antonella is a fan of flashy and shiny dresses, as evidenced by her selection of a Kelvis Casillas gown on her wedding day to her spouse. The happy couple’s nuptials were documented in a video posted on Antonella Roccuzzo’s Instagram page.

Dressed in Inmaculada Garcia, a Spanish fashion house, with diamond-studded jewelry to attend the FIFA Ballon d'or 2019. Photo: Bestimage.

She caught everyone’s attention at the 2019 FIFA event with her exquisite appearance in an Inmaculada Garcia dress, a well-known Spanish fashion label. To top off her ensemble, she adorned herself with stunning diamond jewelry. This amazing snapshot was taken by Bestimage.

She combined a pair of sandals priced at 675 Euro (18.4 million VND) of Italian fashion house Casadei.

Antonella decided to sport a gorgeous set of Casadei sandals that set her back 675 Euros (equivalent to approximately 18.4 million Vietnamese dong).

Georges Hobeika luxury line dress

Georges Hobeika has come up with a breathtaking line of clothing that showcases opulent sequin patterns and stylish shoes.

Elisabetta Franchi jumpsuit with Dolce Gabbana bag combo

Wearing a chic Elisabetta Franchi jumpsuit and carrying a beautiful Dolce Gabbana bag, Antonella Roccuzzo looked stunning at the event. Her young son was also there and, at one point, he playfully hid behind his mother, making for an adorable moment that many viewers enjoyed.

Attending a fashion event in Spain, she wore a branded tree including a Gucci denim shirt, an Elisabetta Franchi dress, a Louis Vuitton bag for €3,200 (VND 87 million) and Dolce Gabbana sandals.

She donned a fashionable attire during a fashion show in Spain, flaunting a stylish “tree” logo. Her ensemble included a chic denim shirt from Gucci, an elegant dress from Elisabetta Franchi, a trendy bag from Louis Vuitton, and fashionable sandals from Dolce Gabbana.

matching Zara hats, applying Kenzo, using Balenciaga color matching bags.

Antonella Roccuzzo makes it a point to engage in regular physical activity and prioritize her overall health and wellness. Her social media followers have praised her unique fashion choices, noting her talent for pairing trendy Zara hats, stylish Kenzo shirts, and chic Balenciaga bags in perfectly coordinated hues.

Antonella in a sunflower design by Dolce Gabbana.

Antonella looks stunning in her fashionable Dolce and Gabbana attire that features a lovely sunflower design.

She loves the colorful bikini of fashion house Guadalupe Cid.

She is head over heels in love with the stunning bikini from Guadalupe Cid’s collection. She’s proudly showing it off during her vacation with her partner, which costs 48 Euros (roughly 1.3 million VND).

Antonella in another design of

Check out the latest fresh design by Guadalupe Cid, featuring the stunning Antonella.

Bikini and fringe jeans by Abercrombie Fitch, wearing Ray-Ban glasses cost 155 Euro (4.2 million VND).

The mother of three is showing off her amazing figure in a stunning bikini and fashionable fringed jeans from Abercrombie Fitch. She adds a touch of style to her outfit with a pair of chic Ray-Ban sunglasses that are worth approximately 155 Euros (which is equal to 4.2 million VND).

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