Antonela Roccuzzo’s Snapshot Creates Stir as Mateo Messi Rocks Argentine Soccer Shorts

The middle son of the Messi family wore Newell’s shorts, which caused a stir among fans

Mateo Messi, with the red Newell's shorts and a The Simpsons t-shirt

Mateo Messi, with the red Newell’s shorts and a Simpsons t-shirt

While waiting to return to Miami to rediscover football at Inter, Lionel Messi is enjoying his last days of vacation in Rosario, where he spent the holidays with his family as usual. In one of the activities they carried out this week, Antonela Roccuzzo visited a school located in the town of Funes, near the private neighborhood where they reside every time they travel to Argentina. Accompanied by her two youngest children, a detail caught attention on social networks.

Mateo Messi, noted as the most mischievous of Lionel’s children, wore red shorts from Newell’s and caused a stir among his followers, who did not miss the opportunity to mention the detail in Antonela’s post. The wife of the captain of the National Team shared an image with the youngest, Ciro, who was wearing a light blue Argentina training shirt, but then another in which Mateo was on his back with other children and a video where he is seen playing.

“Antonela Roccuzzo visited Montessori Cocoon and learned about the Forest Shelter that we installed in the institution’s playground. It continues to fill us with pride that they have chosen us for the transformation of this space,” was the comment with which the Messis were received on social networks by this school that has a space aimed at children from 0 to 12 years old and provides education based on fidelity to the method and legacy of Dr. María Montessori. “Respond to the mission of educating, accompanying the formation of human beings in and for life, and understanding school as a space to experience plurality and participation” are some of the mottos.

This is not the first time that one of Messi’s children appears on the networks with some of Newell’s clothing, since since Thiago was a baby, they have begun to show signs of his father’s heritage. In fact, both the eldest son and Mateo, a few years ago, wore the red and black shirt during a summer vacation in Rosario when he was younger. And Antonela herself, who is also a fan of the Parque Independencia team, went to the official store located in the stadium to buy merchandise for the team of which Leo is a fan.

Mateo Messi, with the Newell's shirt on another family vacation in Rosario

Mateo Messi, with Newell’s shirt, on another family vacation in Rosario

Newell's made Thiago Messi a partner since his birth

Newell’s made Thiago Messi a partner since his birth

The Newell's shirt that the club sent him when Thiago was born

The Newell’s shirt that the club sent him when Thiago was bornThiago, with a pacifier and Leprosy sweater with his father, Lionel

Thiago, with a pacifier and Leprosy sweater with his father, LionelThiago Messi with his cousin on a vacation in RosarioThiago Messi with his cousin on a vacation in Rosario

Anto Roccuzzo's kiss to Thiago, with the red and black on

Anto Roccuzzo’s kiss to Thiago, with the red and black onAntonela, shopping at the official Newell's store; Thiago, thumbs up with the leprous shirtAntonela, shopping at the official Newell’s store; Thiago, thumbs up with the leprous shirt

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