A Captivating Glimpse of the American Continent: Enigmatic Gemstones Beneath Crystal Clear Waters

Discover a hidden gem, where a tranquil bay unravels its breathtaking beauty to those who dare to explore. As you approach this secret haven, prepare to behold a mesmerizing spectacle found nowhere else in the world. Behold, a mysterious wonder that defies explanation: two mammoth rock formations standing tall, their uncanny resemblance to a sliced apple hinting at a touch of magic that could only be the work of supernatural beings.

Nestled in a remote, enigmatic pocket of the globe lies an enchanting marvel waiting to be discovered. Tucked away, discreetly shielded from curious gazes, lies Split Apple Rock, a captivating natural wonder standing proudly between Kaiteriteri and Marahau within the captivating expanse of Abel Tasman National Park. Crafted solely from granite, this extraordinary formation is believed to boast an ancient lineage of over 120 million years.

In accordance with the legends of the Māori people, the rock came to be divided due to the fierce rivalry between two deities desiring its possession. These powerful gods employed their divine strength to cleave the massive boulder into two, effectively settling their dispute. Consequently, the Māori bestowed upon this geological formation the name Tokangawh, signifying its nature as a “burst open rock”. Alternatively, scholars suggest that the granite may have experienced the infiltration of water through a crevice, which subsequently froze during an ice age, ultimately causing the stone to fracture.

The massive rock structure can be found around 160 feet from the shore. To reach the nearby beach, visitors can simply enjoy a leisurely walk along a path close to Kaiteriteri town. Another option for tourists is to embark on a kayak adventure or hop on a water taxi, which offers a unique perspective to admire the rock formation from the water.

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