40 Best Rustic Vintage Porch Decor Ideas To Create A Cozy Mood

1. Add Vintage Flair With Lanterns

A Cluster of Rusty Lanterns #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Choosing antique items is the best way to incorporate vintage rustic style. Make sure that they match the general concept of the porch.

A set of rusty gas lanterns will look adorably placed on a wood-planked or decked porch.

2. Repurpose A Distressed Dresser As A Planter

A Dresser as Outside Decor #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

This dresser reveals the rustic charm and that makes it the perfect repurposed planter for the front porch. Pull out the drawers and fill them with soil and flowers.

Any vintage pots can become a complement to the vertical garden.

3. Display Flowers In An Antique Wagon

A Wagon Full of Flowers #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Have you been lately at a flea market? If not, it is time to visit it to prepare your porch for the warm days.

Take a look for any antique items that can be repurposed into flower stands like this wagon.

4. Welcome Display With House Number Milk Can

A White Picket Fence Welcome #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Use an old piece of the picket fence as a focal point of your welcoming porch.

Just lean it against the wall and create a background for your vintage repurposed plant stands and signs.

5. Croquet Set Corner Display

All Fun and Games Corner Collection #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

A budget-friendly front porch decor idea features a mix-match between forgotten in the garage antique playset, a scale from the thrift shop, a wreath made from grapevine and leftover shutters.

6. Antique Door Flower Hanger

Another Great Old Door Decorating Idea #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Use an old door, a shutter or a window frame to create a cozy nook at the porch. The weathered it looks, the better.

Thus it will lift the welcoming level. Leaned or nailed on the wall, it becomes a background for a vintage collection represented by a wicker armchair, rusty side table and a scale.

7. Cottage Chic Hanging Tray Décor

Antique Silverplate Hanging Wall Art #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

A collection of vintage items could make a great focal point on the porch. These silver plates have been turned into wall art by attaching a ribbon at their backside.

To enhance the rustic effect, old shutters are used as a background.

8. Garden Wall Upcycled French Doors

Architectural Salvage French Door Backdrop #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

A salvaged French door zones the sitting area on the porch to make it appealing for long hours of talks and relaxation.

A rustic set of two wicker armchairs and a vintage wooden table form the comfortable porch oasis.

9. Welcoming Bright Color

Bring It All Together with Red #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Use one vivid color like red, green or yellow to freshen the rustic items you have chosen to uplift with your porch. Such color will cheer up the ambiance and the mood.

Upcycled lumber crates, pieces of furniture, pallet boards come to help to create yourself a unique rustic vintage nook, welcoming the warm weather.

10. Recreate A Neighborhood Grocery

Distressed Outdoor Country Store Display #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Recreate a scene from the farmhouse grocery market with antique vintage elements- a scale, a basket full of real or faux products, porcelain utensils, galvanized garden tools.

11. Flowers Give Life To Upcycled Items

Elegant Upcycled Lead Window Accent #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

The wreath is the most universal front porch decor. If you want to give it a rustic look, attach it to an upcycled window or shutter and change its typical place to instantly attract attention.

12. Stylish Screen Takes Center Stage

Fairytale Gingerbread Front Porch Design #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Rustic decor is also elegant. Choosing one dominating color to refresh the antique furniture and accents is the key to creating a harmonious porch ambiance.

In such cases, any smaller accents like flower vases, bouquets, wreaths, planters can be of a contrasting color to enhance the stylish choice and to pop out against it.

13. Frame Your Wreath With Chicken Wire Window

Farm Fresh Barn Window Wreath Display #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

The wreath belonging to the rustic vintage style can be made of any natural supplies- grapevine for example.

Decorate it with faux flowers or burlap ones for a charming effect.

14. Fresh White And Green Garden Shelves

Fresh Greens and Aqua Glass #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Repurpose the indoor furniture into a planter. Use terra cotta pots, glass bottles and jars to stack your flowers and plants on different levels.

Complete the rustic setting with galvanized watering can and a set of antique items like lanterns, straw hats, wicker baskets.

15. Varying Metal Flower Containers

Galvanized Steel with Prairie Wildflowers #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Flowers always make the ambiance more welcoming whether placed indoors or outdoors. So an easy way to make your porch welcoming and charming is to include them in the decor.

Combined with upcycled vintage galvanized containers, they add farmhouse naturalism to the living area.

16. Plank Mounted Feed Sack Floral Art

Hanging Vintage Porch Decor Ideas #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

This unique porch vintage decor is a handmade production. A burlap piece of fabric is sewn in the shape of a sack.

To make it look more realistic, its bottom is filled with cotton, scrapped pieces of fabrics or wool. Add a bouquet of faux flowers and a ribbon of burlap.

To give the non-traditional wreath a suitable background, hang it onto a board made of reclaimed wood.

17. Natural Rustic Country Elements

How to Design around Farm Primitives #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

If you are having a cottage, there isn’t a better style for decorating the porch than the rustic one. It enhances the influence of the surrounding nature and makes an inseparable connection between the wild and the domestic.

All elements taken from nature like a trunk, pumpkins, field flowers and grapevine could be the supplies for creating a stunning welcoming decor.

Use farmhouse utilities like a wagon, a broom, a shutter to form the nook.

18. Cottage Corner With Bicycle Focal Point

Idyllic Old World Inspired Cottage Chic #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

The focus of this shabby chic porch scene is given to a bicycle. It reminds of the calm times spent in the countryside enjoying the natural landscapes.

Adding flowers in terra cotta pots and a charming metal sign mark the nook as a reproduction of a flower market from the good old days.

via Sarah Joy Blog

19. Cozy Shabby Chic Outdoor Furniture

Lived In and Lived On Outdoor Furniture #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Don’t throw out the wooden furniture from the living room. Although outdated, it possesses a lot of charm that can create the appealing ambiance you are looking for on the porch.

You can paint the rocking chairs and give the sofa a vintage uplift by equipping it with burlap or linen cushions.

Replace the table with a trunk with signs of its age and marks from usage.

20. Textured Doilies Add Romantic Touch

Lovely Old Chair with Romantic Rose Pumpkins #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

The accents of this porch decor welcome fall. The pumpkins are given crocheted dresses that turn them into the unique decor.

To let the vintage rustic setting form a zone, they are spread on different levels ensured by two antique chairs.

21. Retro Enamelware Wall Display

Mix and Match Enamelware Décor #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Repurposing old items always leads to unexpected effects. The set of galvanized wash tubs is hung on the wall of the porch to create the top level of the nook that makes the porch homely.

A ladder holds a flower pot and a chair next to it embraces an emblematic sign.

22. Hanging Plant Repurposed Ladder

Old Aqua Blue Ladder Plant Rack #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Want to welcome your guests properly? An old vertical ladder leaned against the wall next to the front door is repurposed into a vertical plant stand.

Buckets with hooks are attached to each step to spread the color and aroma of gentle impatiens blooms.

23. Distressed Chair And Shutter With Flowers

Old Chair, Old Shutter, Fresh Flowers #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Faux and real flowers can look well together. The only way to make this mix a match is to back them up with antique items like a weathered chair and a shutter.

24. Cottage Wicker Seating With Vintage Door

Old Fashioned White Wicker Sitting Area #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

It feels nice to sit in a comfortable wicker chair. It will feel even better if it is placed in a zone that recreates the cozy spirit of the countryside atmosphere.

It is represented by a wooden door and a vintage vanity attached to it. Various accents marked by the fashion of the old times are displayed on it.

25. Antique Sewing Cabinet Flowerpot

Portable, Weathered Sewing Cabinet Planter #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Don’t pass the sewing cabinet next time you visit the thrift store. You would be amazed at what an impact it will give the porch when repurposed into a planter.

Use its wide enough surface to write the number of your house.

26. Repurposed Bed Frame Cozy Seating

Pretty Patterned Outdoor Staging Area #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

A great DIY project upcycles a useless solid wood bed. Its handmade ornaments are so beautiful that it deserves a new life as a comfortable bench for the porch.

Comfort is ensured by a thick soft cushion and small pillows with flower fabric that make the porch more cheerful.

27. Variation On A Spring Wreath

Repurposed Frame and Peonies Door Hanger #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

A vintage frame with outstanding graving in the shape of flowers is painted in turquoise. Small areas are stained with gold paint to keep the aged value of the item.

A small bouquet of faux peonies is attached to one of the corners like a brooch.

28. Add Varying Heights Of Potted Plants

Rustic Potted Plant Porch Medley #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Another idea for a recreation of a flower market on the porch features large vintage containers repurposed into flower pots. Instead of placing them on the floor, they are put onto a vintage table and a ladder.

Because of the vertical situating of the garden, you can experiment with the type of plants.

29. Galvanized Steel Holds Bold Flower Bursts

Stun with Seasonal Wildflower Arrangements #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

If you like the authentic effect of the vintage style, don’t hide it. Instead, use the antique items in their current state- rusty, weathered, damaged.

These milk cans hold a lot of history in them that is revealed by their outer appearance.

30. Harvest Display In Antique Urn

Stunning Fall Urn & Found Sign Decorations #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

This urn is another example of how great a weather item can look only by being repurposed and placed in a suitable setting.

It is used as the focal point of fall porch decor. It is not holding plants but a collection of various sizes of pumpkins.

31. Vibrant Sunflowers Accent Vintage Milk Can

Sunflowers in a Milk Can #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

This is a great idea of porch decor for spring or summer. The condition of the milk can hasn’t been changed. Instead, the signs of rust are left to enhance its aged value.

A bouquet of faux sunflowers adds a calming combination of shining colors.

32. Whimsical Tea Stand With Musical Banner

Tea Party Ladder Shelf & Pennant Garland #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Don’t have enough space on the porch? That’s not a problem if you think vertically.

The old ladder comes to help you to create a stand for your vintage decor. Place terra cotta pots to create a porch garden or a set of vintage utensils.

33. Vintage Winter Display

The Ghosts of Christmas Past #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

The theme of this rustic porch decor belongs to the colder months of the year. A weathered door creates the background for a memory display for belongings to the childhood.

34. Romantic Bench Seating Area

The Prettiest Shabby Chic Bench #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

A headboard and some reclaimed lumber are assembled together to create a unique bench. It welcomes romantic nights, quiet times to relax or to enjoy a quick morning coffee.

35. Upcycled Rake Head Lantern Hanger

Three Pierced Lanterns on a Rake Hanger #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

You don’t have to repurpose the vintage antiques you have got. You can use them in their usual application if they are in good condition.

These metal lanterns are attached to a rake on the porch wall. Replace the plain candles with LED ones to make sure that they are easy to be maintained.

36. Welcoming Winter Porch Display

Unexpected Christmas Wreath and Tree Display #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

This is a great idea how to decorate the porch for the Christmas holidays.

An old wagon carries two trees and a bundle. Next to it, the fresh bouquet of flowers in the milk can is replaced by twigs.

These planters sit in front of a white door with glass panels and an inspiring farmhouse sign.

37. The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Vintage Porch Decor Ideas for Christmas #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

Bring the cheerful mood that Christmas creates to the porch. Use any items from the garage that are not needed for stands and background for winter and holiday-themed accents.

A mirror frame holds a twig wreath with a ribbon, wooden figures of a star and Christmas trees are placed in front of it. A garland made of cones and jingle bells welcomes nature closer to us.

38. Farmhouse Fixture And Customizable Welcome

Welcome Friends with Industrial Lighting #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

The chalkboard signs are an easy way to bring the rustic charm to the porch.

Use them to write inspirational thoughts or simply to explicitly welcome your friends.

39. Gardener’s Porch Repurposed Dresser

Where You Hang Your Hat #rustic #porch #vintage #decorhomeideas

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