30 DIY Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas with Plants

1. Tropical Cooking Space

Trail pothos around the kitchen wall while introducing smart storage ideas to turn your bland kitchen into a tropical cooking space.

2. Mini Lemon Tree By the Kitchen Sink

A mini lemon plant will light up your kitchen with vibrant fruit and a sweet citrusy fragrance.

3. A Picture Frame

This DIY picture frame with a mini planter is all you need to deck up a really boring kitchen decor. Get the details here!

4. Hut Shaped Shelf for Cups

To mimic this cute and functional kitchen decor, get some wooden boards, gorilla glue, grit sandpaper, and wire brads. Get the details here!

5. Kitchen Pegboard

A clean pegboard to hang spatulas and serving spoons is a creative way to give your kitchen a clean and organized look. The details are here!

6. Trailing Plants around the Kitchen Shelves

Hang macrame planters from the window and add a few potted varieties on the sill and shelves to mimic this beautiful kitchen decor. Know more here.

7. Gold Painted Mason Jars to Keep Spoons and Forks

Upcycle old mason jars into this lavish-looking DIY Gold Painted Silverware in an hour. Get the tutorial here.

8. Wine Rack

Copper tube, tees, elbows, a few metal assembling supplies, and you are good to go with a pretty functional wine and sauce bottle rack in your kitchen. Get the details here!

9. Bar Cart

Transform an ordinary tool cart into a luxe bar cart using gold spray paint, spray primer, plywood cuttings, and white latex paint. Details are here!

10. Potted Plants on High Wooden Shelves

Clamp in sturdy wooden shelves and install some potted ferns and other houseplants to give your kitchen a green touch. Get the details here.

11. Spoon Wall Art

Dip spoons of different sizes in your favorite colors and stick them on your kitchen wall to set the ambiance of a pretty cooking space. Click here for the details!

12. Mirror Box

Get some craft mirrors, glue gun, and cork protectors to mimic this DIY kitchen decor. Get the details here.

13. Suspended Paper Holder

This DIY paper towel holder needs copper pipes, elbows, steel wool, glue, and floor flange to mimic this beauty in your kitchen. Get the details here.

14. Rustic Trio!

Arrange three mini buckets with potted plants by the kitchen sink to invite some greenery indoors. Get the details here.

15. Mini Bar Table

This faux bar table will add an extraordinary appeal to your kitchen with its barrique appearance. Get the details here!

16. Succulent Jar Magnets

Glass vials, faux succulents, moss, magnets, and hot glue are some of the essentials you need to make this brilliant DIY kitchen decor for yourself. Get the details here!

17. Vintage Clock

Vintage decors never go out of style. Style your kitchen with a DIY clock like this. Get the tutorial here!

18. A Variegated Green Corner

Light up your kitchen with variegated houseplants in hanging baskets, pots, and crate planters. Know more here.

19. Upcycled Bottle Vase

Hop on to this easy project with glass bottles, rubber bands, aluminum foil, painter’s tape, and scissors. Get the details here!

20. Cafe Sign

This DIY Cafe Sign will light up your kitchen decor like no other. Get the details here!

21. Hanging Plants from Floating Ladder and Shelf

Suspend a floating ladder and high shelf from the kitchen ceiling while displaying overflowing pothos and Philos in style. Get the details here.

22. Pinboards

These DIY pinboards are a pretty functional decor to hang spatulas, kitchen keys as well as trailing plants in your kitchen.

23. A Bohemian Corner

Display houseplant in large bronze planters to give your kitchen the perfect bohemian makeover. Know more here.

24. Menu Card

If you are in dire confusion about what to cook every night, get sorted with this DIY menu card that can be hung anywhere on the kitchen wall or on the refrigerator. Get the details here!

25. Rustic Wine Rack

Mimic this amazing Kitchen decor idea with wooden pallets, wood screw, sandpaper, and a few other woodcarving essentials. The details are here.

26. Rustic Green Kitchen

Install wooden slates and crockery beside the trailing houseplants to give the cooking space a warm rustic touch. Know more here.

27. Hanging Pallet Rack

Transform an abandoned wooden pallet into a beautiful Kitchen decor using some chicken wire, coat hangers, S-hooks, nuts, and bolts. Get the details here!

28. Mini Pots all over the Kitchen Shelves

Fill your kitchen with mini potted plants all over the shelves to bring in the perfect tropical vibes. Get the details here.

29. Metal Hooks to Hang All Your Supplies

These metal hooks are easy to install, take less space, and make sure all the items are arranged while looking oh so good!

30. Pictures and Plant

Paint the wall in a dark shade and hang bright pictures. You can also hang a metal frame to hang small pots.

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