26 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Here are some creative ideas on How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants that you can use to give a green twist to your house!

Check out some fantastic ladder planter ideas here.

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants

1. Bar Cart Plant Stand Near a Sunny Window

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants

Showcase some plants in a bar cart and use it as a plant stand that can be moved anywhere in the home, thanks to wheels.

2. Mingle with Vines in Front Hall

Add a vining plant to the indoor decor by growing it in a hanging basket. You can also display them in pots on a plant stand.

3. Have Some Greenery in Bathroom

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants 2

Adding some plants to the bathroom can change its look. We have a great article on the best plants for the washroom here. 

4. Plants in Home Office

Adding plants to your home office will not only make it look attractive but also boost focus, reduce radiation, bring positivity, and be good for your sight.

5. Plants in Bedroom

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants 3

Add plants on a small table or stool by your bedside. It will ensure you get fresh air while having a dreamy look in the room!

6. A Green Patio

Include some large plants on your patio, and you will not need anything else to decorate this place. You can find patio wall decorating ideas here.

7. Greenery in a Kitchen

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants 4

While decorating home, do not overlook your kitchen, as growing houseplants on the kitchen windowsill is a great idea. You can select plants for your cooking space according to feng shui—see here.

8. Garden on Shelves

Add some trailing or climbing vines for decorating dull-looking, boring shelves in your study room. Take inspiration here.

9. A Hanging Garden from the Ceiling

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants 5

Take benefit of vertical space and hang plants above windows or ceiling—the trailing vines will work as a curtain without interrupting anyone. It’s also a wise solution for pet parents.

10. Stylize Living Room with Plant Shelf

Bring liveliness to your living room by adding a stylish shelf carrying beautiful houseplants. This way, you can add all your favorite plants in a single setup.

11. Use Plants as Room Divider

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants 6

You can break any big space by creating a privacy screen and giving fresh air to breathe. Install a tall stand with potted plants and create a room divider—see more ideas here.

12. Plants in a Dining Hall

Plants can make your dining experience more pleasing—enjoy your meal in the environs of greenery. Pick your favorite idea here.

13. Decorate Walls with Plants

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants 7

Instead of spending money on expensive wall paintings, go for artistic plant wall art ideas! We have some fantastic ideas that you can check out here.

14. Fill an Empty Corner with Plants

Bring vivacity to an empty corner using a hanging planter, let the pretty green vines dangle freely, and make the space appealing.

15. Bookcase with Plants

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants 8

Built-in bookcases are not only meant for keeping books—but you can also use them for displaying plants.

16. Select a Spot and Make it Green

Use every small shelf for showcasing plants! No space is out of bounds when it comes to flaunting your love for plants.

17. Plants on the Entrance

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants 10

Display your love for plants from the point guests walk in the door. Transform a bar cart into a plant stand and place it near an entrance.

18. Vitalize Laundry Room

Adding some greenery to the laundry room is not bad—showcase some plants in this area and make it more pleasant.

19. Reading Nook with Plants

How to Decorate Every Part of Your Home with Plants 11

Enliven a reading niche with ample plants and fill the space with a fresh breeze and an attractive look.

20. Use Pegboards

Display many pots together in the limited space of your study table using pegboards. See more pegboard uses for plants here.

21. Diversity in Every Corner

Match neutral intonation like pampas grass beside traditional plants for a cool blend of textures and colors. Variable heights will also add charm to any corner.

22. Add a Bonsai

Bring home a Ficus, Dwarf Jade, or a Sweet plum to amp up your indoors with the perfect tropical hues. There’s nothing like decking your space with a living countertop.

23. Revamp Small Corners

Add a statement plant with large leaves in the dull corners to give an instant makeover to your home.

24. Style Up the Stair

Stack up the staircase with mini houseplants, decorative pots, and trailing houseplants in between to create a minimal yet beautiful backdrop.

25. Decorate the Doorway

Place a large Umbrella Tree or Boston Ferns on both sides of your entrance to give a warm welcome to your guests.

26. Make a Tropical Bedroom

Create yourself a tropical bedroom with large palm trees by your bedside with matching green linens on the bed!

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