26 Bamboo Fence Ideas for Garden, Terrace or Balcony

A bamboo fence gives your garden, terrace or balcony a cosy and warm atmosphere. With these 26 bamboo fence ideas, we would like to show you the different possibilities.

The combination of concrete, metal and bamboo makes this low bamboo fence a great success. The light colours contrast nicely with the black bamboo screens .The zinc cover plate on top of the bamboo significantly improves the service life of the fence. Experience has taught us that bamboo fences that do not come into permanent contact with moisture at the top and bottom last much longer than bamboo fences without protection.

For a Japanese fishpond with koi carp, a bamboo fence is actually a must. The calm and natural atmosphere that bamboo exudes is unmistakably linked to the Far East. A bamboo fence on a roll is cheap but certainly not less beautiful. Fastened against a wire fence and finished with a few colourful banners, you can achieve a beautiful and modern end result as in the above photo.

Black bamboo screens are made of natural black (dark brown) bamboo sticks. Because the canes are not painted, they vary in colour, one darker than the other. This also gives a very natural look to your garden, terrace or balcony. As shown in the above photo, it is recommended to install a bamboo fence slightly off the ground. This will prevent the bamboo canes from absorbing ground water and rotting.

You can also finish your fence with half bamboo poles. Because there was already a fence with wooden garden posts, the customer chose to cover the garden posts with halved bamboo posts.

A robust black bamboo fence in the garden is always an eye-catcher, but attach a few nice lights and you have a truly unique bamboo fence that will be the envy of many.

In the case of a bamboo pergola Of course, a complete garden fence made of bamboo mats also fits. You can also finish off the planter with bamboo borders. In some cases, a bamboo fence does not have to be high at all. If you live next to a canal or forest, you may prefer to choose a low bamboo privaacy screen where you can also continue to enjoy the view. A bamboo fence does not always have to be made with fixed bamboo panels or rolls. You can also make a fence with loose bamboo poles. If you choose to bury the bamboo poles in the ground, we recommend that the part of the bamboo poles are lubricated with bamboo powder.Bamboo soil protector.

Bamboo that is in direct contact with the ground rots faster. A bamboo fence in frame is therefore an excellent solution to increase the durability and life span of bamboo. In the example above it is solved with a wooden assembly kit. The pine frame was then stained in a dark stain to create a nice contrast with the natural bamboo.

Want to cover a garden or terrace wall quickly and cheaply? Then probably the best choice. It is also a popular alternative for temporary fences. Split bamboo mats are very lightweight and come in convenient carrying bags. Securing a split bamboo mat on a roll is very easy using binding wires or special fastening screws.

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