25 Best Garden Lighting Ideas You’ll Love

Have a fun weekend outdoors. When night falls is the best time to spend it with the people closest to you. Bring your entertainment area, garden party or outdoor living room to life at night. From romantic lighting ideas to lighting that puts anyone at ease, there are lots of creative ways to use lighting that will liven up your evenings.

No matter how large a yard you have, you will find the best place to bring warmth with these outdoor lighting ideas. Prepare yourself to be inspired, and believe me they are easy to apply to any exterior design.

Entertaining Garden Lights

There is always an entertainment zone for everyone. Whether it’s a cozy nook around a fireplace, a private garden, to a Bohemian terrace. Creating outdoor entertainment is all about cozy and inviting areas. No matter the style or how large an area you have, there is a lot of fun you can have with minimal effort. Bring more imagination to the outdoors, and the first step to achieving that is choosing the right furniture and lighting ideas. Mix different garden lights on multiple levels to create a fabulous display.









Battery Powered Lights

Battery powered garden lighting is an easy option that doesn’t take up a lot of time and maintenance. From pontoons to private courtyards, you can elevate the atmosphere with modern lighting ideas. Garden path with ornate lighting and outdoor living area with lanterns on the floor. For night after night use, choose a garden light with a timer function. While for warmer climates, the best solution is solar garden lights as an environmentally friendly option.








Pergola and Gazebo Lights

Is it as a place to relax or show up for a party? Gazebo and pergola lighting is a great option that should not be missed. Illuminating the structure of your garden creates a living space that enlivens the atmosphere. Try choosing string lights with long, durable cables that can be adapted to your outdoor style, gazebo lights work best when hung from soft curtains. Choose wood elements in gazebos and pergolas that add warmth to your outdoors.






Cozy Garden Lights

From private yards, city garden balconies, to tree-covered landscapes, there are many easy ways to create a cozy nook or outdoor party space. The key is keeping it simple. Provide warm lighting with dimmer lights. Hang decorations and lanterns on the floor, add string lights around your trellises and trees. Textiles make the atmosphere feel instantly relaxed, some blankets and soft pillows will complete it.





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