25 Amazing Ideas.. How to Design Your Rainbow Garden

Aren’t most gardens meant to be colorful anyway?
Yes, but the main attraction of this design is not only the fact that it puts colorful discounts in focus. A rainbow garden is a garden where the plants have been arranged to resemble the colors of the rainbow, both in order and (sometimes) in shape.


For some gardeners it is the main attraction, to others, it may sound like a headache waiting to happen. But with a little planning, a rainbow garden is not difficult to achieve, even in a single growing season.


Color blocking and a wide color palette are the essential elements of a rainbow garden.And the most important part of creating a new garden design is letting your creativity roam free—or at least as free as your planting space will allow.


You don’t necessarily have to follow an arch shape if planting in groups would look better in your space. Just like you don’t have to follow the colors of the rainbow in order. And you definitely get to play some eye tricks with the blue-indigo-violet combo. Nature sure does!


How do I plan a rainbow garden?The key to getting a rainbow pattern in your garden is proper planning. This is why a rainbow garden, like any design from the ground up, is best started on paper rather than on site.



Ideas for the Garden - Plants and flowers in a rainbow of colors

Ideas for the Garden - Plants and flowers in a rainbow of colors


Ideas for the Garden - Plants and flowers in a rainbow of colors



Ideas for the Garden - Plants and flowers in a rainbow of colors



Ideas for the Garden - Plants and flowers in a rainbow of colors

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