20 Smart Solutions For Balcony Storage Ideas


The balcony is a common area if you live in an urban area or apartment. Despite its tiny size, this area is probably the only place where you can enjoy your time outdoors. That’s why the balcony is often a favorite place for all of you when you want to relax or unwind after a day of activities. In addition to arranging it practically due to space limitations, the balcony function can also be an unexpected storage place. Maybe you are thinking how can this small area be converted into a storage area? today we want to invite you to try to make it happen to your small balcony.

If you’re creative enough, there are tons of cool ideas you can use as balcony storage ideas. One of them is making shelves that can accommodate all the things you need such as plants, pots, or other objects. You can even combine furniture with storage ideas by taking advantage of the empty space underneath, such as under a bench or coffee table. Placing a cupboard or cabinet is also an interesting idea if your balcony has enough space, while hanging items on the balcony wall will save a lot of space. Here are some inspirations for you!


Furniture With Storage Area

If your balcony really has a small size, you can choose furniture that is equipped with a storage area. The choice is a bench with accessible storage, the bench can have a size that can be adjusted to the area of ??the balcony. Choose a design or even DIY your own to add storage underneath. You can also add a color that suits you to make the balcony look more attractive. This balcony storage idea that blends with the furniture is hidden so it won’t make your balcony look cluttered.


Functional Racks In The Balcony

Adding storage racks, whether made of iron, metal or wood is the easiest way to get a storage unit. This idea is very practical because you only need to choose the right shelf design that suits your needs. Whether you want to store a collection of houseplants, or need a place to put other small items, this functional rack will make it easier for you when you move on the balcony. Balcony shelves can be designed to stand up or mount them on the wall, all of which can be done easily and in just a few minutes.


Balcony Cabinet

Any storage unit is actually suitable to be on the balcony because there must be room to place it. One of them is a storage cupboard that can blend with your balcony decoration. For example, if your balcony consists mostly of wood elements, then a wooden wardrobe is a great addition to the storage unit. You can also add cabinets in bold colors for a more eye-catching look.


Hang it On Balcony Wall

Some simple storage ideas will look cool if you use them properly. For a small balcony, take advantage of the empty wall area as a storage area while increasing the beauty of your balcony. You can hang anything on a balcony wall, as a bicycle storage area, hanging plants, or even an eye-catching decorative display. Check out more balcony storage ideas below!
















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