1968 Ford Galaxie XL Convertible

The sporty XL version of the full-size Ford wasn’t Henry’s flashiest car of the 1960’s, it wasn’t always the fastest, and it was far from being the best seller. It also wasn’t that much different from other big Fords of that era, though it always seemed to have something special that set it apart.

Nevertheless, the XL, especially the early models, remains the definitive “Total Performance” car for many enthusiasts, and that makes all the difference. Introduced at mid-model year 1962 as a subseries in the top-shelf Galaxie 500 line, the XL was one of the first cars to reflect Ford’s publicly stated, all-out commitment to that hallowed industry precept, “racing improves the breed.”

For consignment a good looking gal from 1968 in the form of the XL. Hidden headlights, curved sides and straight doors, and a convertible top make up just a few of the features of this interesting model, kind of forgotten in history.

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