19 Amaziпg Foυпtaiп Ideas For Yoυr Backyard So Uпiqυe That Everyoпe Admires

Want to make your backyard appealing? There is nothing better than a fountain to create a more relaxing, harmonious and enjoyable atmosphere.

If you think that the fountain must be an expensive set of a significant size to make a statement, this collection will prove you wrong. We have prepared 19 Amazing Water Fountain Ideas for Your Backyard that will help you make your own outdoor oasis.

Make your backyard a relaxing space with a zen garden nook. It features bamboo as a typical Japanese plant and stones. The fountain flows out of a large stone container and pours down a small pond with a bottom covered with rocks.

This idea is great for larger free areas in the backyard. The fountain flows out of a square concrete structure. It pours down a pond built a level down the fountain to faux the natural staggered flow of the water.

The lining of the pond matches the adjacent outdoor features to create a harmonious and elegant overall look.

This vertical garden is complemented by a water feature. Its design coheres with the vertical greenery arrangement. The container the water flows out is a steel box with holes at the bottom. It is left untreated to become rusty in time and create a striking interest.

This contemporary fish pond idea is impacted by the Japanese zen garden look. Bamboo surrounds the fountain at its sides to draw attention to the water feature. The source of water twists the perception of a traditional Japanese garden and adds a modern flair to it. Water flows out of a water pump hidden in the concrete wall.

This is an easy DIY fountain idea. All you need is a container where the water will fall in and a long pipe where it will flow out. The combination between the rusty industrial pipe and concrete basin makes this pond look contemporary.

Add some water plants to complete the water oasis.

If you want to keep the interior and exterior artistic, you can go for a fountain made from a natural material but adapted to the new application. This fountain flows out of a standard faucet and pours down in a large stone, hollowed out to accommodate one person for a relaxing bath surrounded by the natural landscape.

This is one of the simplest fountain ideas in our collection of water fountains. It features two containers of different sizes and shapes. The smaller one is staggered over the larger one to recreate the fountain flow.

Give the simple-to-make water fountain an interest by setting it in tiers. Three round metal domes follow a staggered arrangement to complete a waterfall look.

Make sure that the area of the rim where the water will spill out is curved down to let the water overflow easily.

Another way to create a tiered fountain is to set the containers vertically, ensuring that parts of them overlap with each other so that the water flows always within the containers. Three galvanized tubs are repurposed into basins and a galvanized watering can is the source of the water.

This is a smart idea because the pump set remains hidden.

If you are looking for a fountain design that will match your rustic exterior, check out this idea! It is really simple to make as long as you have the water fountain set, a large terra cotta pitch and rocks.

The water feature is the perfect focal point to build an exotic nook around. In this amazing water fountain idea, the source is a large stone pot. Water goes down in a ground-level pond. There are plenty of tropical plants around the water feature to make the nook more eye-pleasing and relaxing.

This pond is actually a koi fish aquarium. Water goes out of a filtration system dressed up like a stone. To keep the pond in good shape for the fish’s habitat, you need to maintain it frequently.

Here is another idea of a fountain built in the wall. This time the source is a metal piece with a curved shape which helps the flow of the water and directs it to the stone basin underneath.

You can include pieces from nature in your water feature arrangement to make it more authentic and interesting.

The fountain in this pond set flows out a large rock. The hollowness in its center is dug by the constant run of water. That and the added water plants turn this pond into a vivid natural landscape.

The fountains built into a wall are very trendy. The finish of the wall and the decoration around the fountains depend on the existing exterior design.

In this idea, the wall is lined with large tiles in three designs to complement the adjacent fence surface.

If you want to create a fountain quickly, go for the ready solutions. The market offers a wide variety of basins where you can install the pump set. Decorate with water plants and river rocks to complete the look of the outdoor feature.

This type of fountain is called a submerged fountain because the water pump is set under the water. The air pressure of the pump swirls the water and eventually, bubbles of water are produced on the water surface. This type of fountain produces amazing murmuring sounds which are perfect for a relaxing outdoor nook.

The rain fountain is a lovely way to create a focal point in the backyard. It is best to build it in the deck to be able to hide the water basin and also ensure improved humidity during warm days.

The water goes out of the top beam of a copper structure. The small holes in the material ensure that the fountain flows down like rain.

The best fountain for a country garden is the natural-looking one. And if the garden is big, why not combine it with a waterfall?

The charm of the mountain spring can be part of your backyard with this impressive pondless fountain idea.

The staggered beds are decorated with natural rocks and pebbles which help improve the natural look of the faux waterfall. Hot tub coloring has helped make the color of the water become more vivid and the waterfall more appealing.

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Garden borders are an easy and affordable way to add a statement to the yard and differentiate two adjacent outdoor features.

The garden borders can be made from wood, pavers, concrete, bricks and even metal. It all depends on your budget and what look you want to achieve.

Check out these amazing small garden border ideas to create a flower paradise.

The edging in this border idea features lines of grass alternating with gravel and natural flowers. The perfectly maintained edge outlines a gravel walkway in a curved shape which leads the way from the gate to the front door.

Another appealing way to divide a garden from the yard is to make a walkway between them. Here, pavers in four colors are used to highlight the walkway and its whimsy shape.

This border idea is a popular choice for garden edging. It is poured concrete which can be shaped straight or curved.

Its raised design clearly defines the border and visually differentiates the garden from a walkway or a road.

In this border idea, pavers create a nice edge between the lawn and the walkway. Thanks to positioning them above the ground, they create a raised edge and visually differ from the paver path.

This border idea divides the garden from the walkway. To make a visually appealing and matching border, it is made from flagstones and pavers as a continuation of the walkway but with a raised design. The green lawn pops out next to the beautiful grey path.

Wood is another great material for making garden borders. For this small garden bed, the wood blocks are aligned in descending arrangement creating a curved staircase-like shape.

Log slices are inserted in the soil of the garden to complement the wood border and to give the garden a fairy look.

Concrete is durable, affordable and modern! Why not use it to make a minimalist border between a rock garden and a walkway? The idea here features the poured concrete stained in dark grey to match the adjacent walkways from concrete slabs and grey gravel.

Metal sheet material is another durable material you can use to make a border between a garden bed and a walkway.

Carbon steel gets rusty in time if it is not protected with a suitable coating but that feature can be used to make a modern industrial touch to the landscape.

This staggered stone fence is perfect for a tiered terrain border. The natural look of the border coheres with the surroundings and matches the adjacent staircase.

This small border is made from stone pavers arranged in a curved line and creates a natural statement. The pavers are used against the dark soil of the garden bed to create a nice edge.

Stone slabs are an affordable way to edge a garden.

The slabs act as a short fence of the raised garden bed which coheres with the stone walkway next to it to create together an appealing landscape nook.

If you have weathered slats remaining from a past DIY project, you can upcycle them by cutting each into short pieces. Then, arrange them around a raised garden bed to create a border.

Gabions are modern landscape features that can function as fences, borders, or as a decorative part of the landscape. In this border idea, they are repurposed into raised garden bed fences keeping the garden in place and ensuring good drainage.

If you have spare tiles remaining from the garden walkway make, you can repurpose them into a garden border.

The material for the borders of this zen garden is concrete. We see it in the shape of poured concrete and concrete tiles. Together they create a continuous landscape touch and enhance the harmonious feel of this outdoor area.

The uneven terrain of this backyard makes it perfect for creating raised garden beds with fences. The idea here features a natural approach to the decorative landscaping. The plant varieties are wildflowers growing in shallow garden beds looking like built-in the stone fence.

It is visually attractive to match the fence with the border of the edging garden next to the fence. In this border idea, this landscape approach is kept by using wood for these two features.

Inexpensive materials like bricks and river stones can be used for a garden border. In this border idea, bricks are arranged in straight lines forming the perfect garden bed.

Bricks are attached to each other with concrete as you would do when building a wall. The grouting creates a lovely contrast and coheres with the gravel walkway next to the brick border.

If you like the terraced gardens but your backyard is perfectly leveled you can faux that look with stone gabions. They will act double as a support for each tier and also as a border for each level.

These borders are both functional and beautiful. They are made right next to the walkway from metal sections. You can barely recognize the material because it is covered with grey gravel and decorated with round stone sculptures.

In this gorgeous landscape idea, the border and the walkways are made from the same material- tiles. The size of the tiles makes it possible to create an upper level where a garden and a pond with a fountain stay.

Short fences like the idea above function as a decoration and a means to give character to the yard, not for privacy.

The wooden fence here separates the walkway and the patio from the edging garden and gives the landscape a homely rustic touch.

The flexibility of the sheet metal makes it perfect for usage as a border of a walkway or a raised garden bed. In this border idea, we see it in both applications. The metal is left uncoated to become rusty and eye-catching in time.

If you don’t like the rusty finish and prefer a more durable solution, coat the metal with suitable paint which will protect it from rusting. The good thing about this idea is that you can choose a color that will make the metal stand out against the surroundings.

The thickness and the perfect straightness of the wood posts make it possible to use them as straight garden borders.

You can paint them a desired color that will match the adjacent surfaces as shown in the idea above. White gravel filling makes a good backdrop for the greenery and the grey posts to stand out.

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