18 Really Fun Indoor Garden Ideas & Projects

1. Create an Indoor Herb Garden

Really Fun Indoor Garden Ideas

Creating an indoor herb garden is fun and also rewards you every time with fresh herbs for cooking. You can also hang the pots on the window, as shown in the picture. Take inspiration from these indoor kitchen ideas.

2. Make a Terrarium Garden

Terrariums have become trending indoor garden ideas. Make them with ease by taking inspiration from this post. You can grow low-maintenance plants like ferns, succulents, air plants, and decor with shells and colorful pebbles.

3. Add Some DIY Planters

Really Fun Indoor Garden Ideas 2

This task is one of the most interesting and fun indoor garden ideas to make your own planters. You can also transform the looks of your old pots by painting them in a nice shade of colors, too!

4. Make a Mini Windowsill Flower Garden

Making your own flower garden rewards you with blooms in your home! Some best flowering houseplants are African violets, Peace lilies, Amaryllis, and Christmas Cactus. All mentioned varieties are low-maintenance, and you can make them rebloom every year.

5. Make a Vertical Garden

Really Fun Indoor Garden Ideas 3

A vertical garden is also a fun indoor idea, mainly for small apartment dwellers who want greenery in less space. You can also hang the plants on the ceiling or hook them on the wall. Check out vertical garden home decoration ideas here.

6. Create a Living Wall

Really Fun Indoor Garden Ideas

Giving a makeover to the boring, empty wall with plants is a fascinating, fun task—you can also experiment and have an edible living wall—take inspiration here.

7. Install a Ladder Garden

Really Fun Indoor Garden Ideas 4

An old ladder can be used to create a small garden for compact areas. You can build your own ladder with a wooden plank and set up small potted plants, allowing the vines to trail or climb freely on it.

8. Decorate the Table Using Plants

The tabletop garden is one of the easiest and most fun indoor garden ideas to beat the winter blues. Follow the cute tabletop garden DIYs here.

9. Have a Mini Succulent Dish Garden

Really Fun Indoor Garden Ideas 5

Designing a mini succulent garden is an exciting way to spend winters at home. Group the succulents together in the sunniest spot in your room.

10. Make a Corner Garden

The corner garden is a simple idea to bring greenery to your home—make sure the corner receives plenty of sunlight, or grow shade-loving plants in that area. You can decorate a corner shelf or cart with flowering or trailing plants.

11. Cultivate a Salad Garden

Really Fun Indoor Garden Ideas 6

An indoor salad garden brings greenery to the room and gives a fresh supply for your platter! Make sure you have a bright window to give the greens all the light they need to grow well.

12. Make a Container Water Garden

An indoor water feature with some plants will be an amazing addition to any room. Here are some great indoor water garden ideas that will help you out.

13. Create a Microgreen Station

Really Fun Indoor Garden Ideas 7

Microgreens are packed with nutrients and are a perfect quick-growing crop for urban gardeners. Check out our article on growing microgreens here.

14. Group Hanging Baskets/Planters Together on a Porch or Patio

Group hanging plants of similar requirements makes it easier to nourish them. It will also create a humid atmosphere that most houseplants need to thrive. You can also use mini jute bags for added appeal.

15. Make a Little Under the Stairs GardenReally Fun Indoor Garden Ideas 8

Utilize the space under the staircase to create a beautiful indoor garden. You can plan a pebble bed with tall planters or a rocky water feature. Make sure to include specimens that thrive in the shade.

16. Make a Small Greenhouse

A mini greenhouse is easy to create using boxes with glass sheets on either side. You can also recycle salvaged shelves to create a mini plant house in your home.

17. Add Kokedama Balls in the Room

Really Fun Indoor Garden Ideas 9

Kokedama balls look beautiful and are also a self-sustaining practice. Kokedama fresh air plants purify the indoor atmosphere by dissolving the harmful Benzene and converting carbon dioxide into breathable oxygen.

18. Make a Living Curtain of Vines

A living curtain of lush vines exhibits the benefits of houseplants besides creating a privacy wall for homeowners. You can train English Ivy, Pothos, Grave Ivy, and Philos on the balcony or porch to bar the spying onlookers.

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