15 most unique and creative bike designs you probably didn’t know

Bicycle design is now almost perfect, but that hasn’t stopped those who like to change from always thinking of more unique designs. It can be folding electric bicycles or bikes without front forks and many other unique designs.

Bicycles have been widely used since the late 19th century and today the bicycle design has changed a lot, but the basic structure of a bicycle remains the same as before.

Based on the design of the classic model, we have listed 15 of the most unique and innovative bicycle models available today.

1. DiCycle

This bike is still in the concept stage, but if it goes into mass production, it will really change the way we ride bikes. Users will sit between two giant wheels and this bike can take you from land to water without any difficulty. Designed by the Dutch company GBO, this hybrid boat bike will be the perfect vehicle for the canals and swamps of the Netherlands.

2. Bird of Prey Bike

This unique bike model was designed by John Aldridge with the aim of creating a bike that runs quickly and safely without the back strain of the rider. Bird of Prey Bike allows users to lie face down on the bike while pedaling. Although the pedaling position is quite confusing, the Bird of Prey bike can achieve very surprising speeds.

Users use normal pedal motion to push the car forward but have a low center of gravity, which minimizes the risk of falling. Although it looks quite funny, it is actually very popular and effective for people with spinal diseases.  

3. Backpack bike

Products of Chang Ting Jen participating in the World Bicycle Design competition are the perfect choice for those who want to have both a bike and always be active wherever they go. With a very compact design, this bike not only runs very smoothly, but it also folds into a backpack so users can take it wherever they need to go.

4. Cardboard bicycle

Cardboard Technologies’ cardboard bike is designed to reduce costs for buyers, opening up access to the market for low-income people. Designed by engineer Izhar Gafni, the company Cardboard Technologies hopes to release this cardboard bike model to the market in 2020, the price is expected to be about 60 USD / unit.

This bike is mainly manufactured from cardboard with some parts made from recycled plastic. The cardboard itself is also quite durable, this bike is also designed to be fireproof and water resistant, withstanding user weight up to 125 Kg.

5. Halfbike – standing bike

Halfbike is designed to be an extremely functional means of transportation that both functions like a regular bicycle structure but at the same time gives users a whole new commuting experience. This bike works by using a pedal steering device controlled by a pair of handlebars. The large front wheel allows users to reach speeds of 20 mph (about 32 km / h), which is considered the perfect vehicle for those who want to go within a distance of about 5km. The standing cycling position allows the user to have very good vision. The Halfbike also runs faster than a light motorcycle, but doesn’t have many of the characteristics of a bicycle.

6. Elliptigo car

Inspired by the gym bike, the Elliptigo bike is a very unique new bike model. The elliptical movement is much less strenuous than the traditional bicycle pedal design, so this bike is suitable for people with disabilities.

7. Cars made from bamboo frames

Bamboo is a special material, very strong, bamboo also grows very quickly. Using bamboo as a bicycle material not only cuts the cost of more expensive steel, but it also creates bikes with very special spinning heads.

8. 4-wheel bicycle

Not only is it absolutely safe and stable, but the Quad Cycles quad bike also allows carrying a number of passengers. While it may not be the most suitable option for daily commuting, this quad bike is a good choice for sightseeing or transporting goods.

9. Yikebike

Over the past decade, electric bicycles have been growing in popularity. Although most e-bike designs work on a mechanism that provides an extra force to the rear wheel of the bike, the Yikebike is completely different from those conventional models. Yikebike allows users to sit comfortably and control the bike with a handlebar around the body. The entire electric motor is placed on the rear wheel, and most importantly, all the car can be folded into a very neat little bag.

10. EBIQ car

The Ebiq concept car looks like a giant credit card. The fancy design of this bike is the product of inventor Yuji Fujimura. On his website, he explains that the car runs on lithium batteries and has a place to store a laptop, and also charges this laptop while the car is running.

11. Improved bicycle from antique car

The classic bicycle model was one of the first bicycle designs to be in common use. The large front wheel typical of the ancient bicycle model is still in use today. The company Krank Boom-Clank has created a mini bike model based on this classic design. Made from recycled materials, using this mini bike also has to be wary of not pedaling at high speeds.

12. HMK 561

(Picture: Ralfkitmann)

This unique bicycle model is a product of the Ralf Kittmann company based in Berlin, Germany. The HMK 561 looks more like a motorcycle than an e-bike. The car is made entirely of carbon fiber, which stores energy during braking and directs the car’s front and rear motors to acceleration. Therefore, the car itself acts like a capacitor.

13. Strida Bicycle

The Strida bike model has a distinctive A-shaped design. Designed in the 1980s, the foldable Strida is compact, simple to use, and the belt-drive mechanism makes the ride very light, sure and maneuverable.

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14. Vehicles without forks

Designer Olli Erkkila is famous for his unique and beautiful bike designs, but maybe the forkless bike called Phantom is the most unique model. Looks like a 1970s racing bike, but the Phantom doesn’t have a front fork.

Instead, this bike uses a curved main frame to support the front handlebars. The front wheel of the car is fixed on one side only, using a smart handle mechanism to drive.

15. Walking bike

The walking bike is a combination of a light motorcycle and a bicycle. Instead of sitting, the user will stand on the flat surface between the vehicle and control the handlebars and front wheels like a regular bicycle, but the difference is that the car moves by the user simply walking on the mechanism. transmission in the middle of the vehicle. The large wheels and very light design make this car able to run at quite high speeds.

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