12 Plant Stylists’ Secrets to Design Your Home with Plants

1. Style them in Different Heights

Using different levels for plants adds a pleasing dynamic to the rooms. Placing stands at varying heights will be a great trick! Dividing or scattering a group of plants also gives them a neat look.

You can use plant stands with variations in height by keeping them off the floor and closer to the window. For this idea, use a bench, coffee table, stool, chair, or stack of books as a stand.

2. Hide the Old Containers Using Cachepots

Cachepot implies keeping a pot where the plant grows inside a new decorative planter. It adds an entirely new look to the plant, and you can also make it match the theme of your decor.

With the cachepot idea, when it’s time to water, simply take out the grower pot, pour water, allow it to drain, and put it back in the decorative pot.

3. Beautify the Top Layer!

Polish off the look of your plant by top-dressing the pots with chunky bark, sphagnum moss, pebbles, colorful stones, and pieces of glass. It will look stylish and maintain moisture, decreasing the watering frequency while boosting humidity.

4. Make Cuttings Stand Out

You can add more greenery throughout your home with these small beauties. The cuttings look prettier than full-grown plants and can be kept anywhere in the home, from bathroom vanities to shelves, or as a centerpiece on a coffee table.

Use different vases, mason jars, bottles, and other items to display them beautifully.

5. Bring in Some Extra Light Using a Mirror

The best hack for homes that lack sufficient light is to add a large mirror to the space. They can act as a turning point in small homes, as mirrors create depth and make a space look larger.

Smartly position them near windows or anywhere where they can reflect natural light. This idea adds less direct and diffused light to your home.

6. Use the Science of Scale to Introduce Drama

Ratio explains the size of your plants through a display. There are many ways in which you can experiment with scale and proportion to make an attractive houseplant show.

  • Understand Scale: It is considered that plants of the same size are harmonious in scale. The scales are relative, so use plants that have the same proportions.
  • The Contrast of Scale: Styling plants of the same proportion with different scales can make the entire look out of proportion. Make sure to maintain the height and scales, so the plants complement each other.
  • The Scale of Harmony: Grouping or arranging the plants of uniform scale or size gives a highly-ordered, classic-looking display.

Pro Tip: Mix and match green and colorful plants of the same size to create a contrasting and stunning display.

7. Pick Pots that Stand Out

When styling a home with plants, don’t overlook the role of pots, as they complement or increase the beauty of the overall look. For example, a basic fern can look tremendously beautiful in a stylish container! Follow these pointers;

  • Choose solid-hued containers for plants with patterned foliage. Sculptural plants look pretty in a simple pot.
  • While grouping plants, try mixing vintage or handmade planters in different textures, colors, or shapes.
  • Use light-colored or white clay pots to draw attention to the plants with single color or bold foliage.

8. Go for Hanging Planters!

If your love for plants is limitless and you can not even see the limited space of your home. Then think beyond; look at the walls and ceilings! Use hanging plants in a short space. You can also use them as a natural curtain for windows, and trailing plants like pothos.

9. Pair Different Plants Together

According to top plant stylists, the visual combination of plants with different shapes, heights, and colors brings a dynamic look. You can pair snake plants with soft vining philodendrons to create an exciting portrait.

Also, create a visual appeal by coupling an upright plant next to somewhat that grows bushy and low. The fusion will offer a natural-looking plant collection.

10. Introduce a Large Plant to Make a Bold Statement

Sometimes, less is more. A large plant in a living room will create a statement. For example, a fiddle leaf fig in a room at the corner is all you need to make a bold impression without going overboard with different plants!

11. Have Some Shelves

Shelves are the best way to use the empty space on walls. They look neat, are easy to install, and are also cheap. Display plants like succulents, cacti, and air plants in small pots on them for the best display.

12. Take Care of Your Entrance

Lastly, do not forget to take care of the entrance. A large planter or two planters at the sides of the main gate or front door will create a bold impression while welcoming your guests in style.

Greenery at the front of the house is one of the best ways to invite peace, harmony, and tranquility, too.

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